5G is Coming, Are You Prepared?

Posted by: Thaddeus May 23, 2019

5G means faster download speeds and faster Mitochondrial decline!! 

5G is being pushed in the US as a "National Priority"

But what is 5G really all about?

5G is not just about download speeds! 

We created a unique course all about EMFs (Electromagentic fields), 5G and how to protect yourself. 

Here is the link to the course





I was reluctant to launch this course because I didn't think anyone would watch it.

I also thought maybe the wireless industry would blacklist me and nuke my phone. 

So far that hasn't come to pass. 

This information is too valuable to let sit unused. 

Check out the course now, and learn why the photo below here is something you should never ever do.

Work outdoors


About the Author


Thaddeus began his journey outdoors, camping and fishing as a boy in the Adirondacks and Central NY forests. After a decade spent developing pharmaceutical products, he just couldn’t face another day adding terrible ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and numerous red dyes into children’s medicine. He shifted gears and engineered a successful work from home assignment following Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Workweek. From there, he was able to find a way to incorporate more movement, nature and sunshine into his work environment.

After learning about biohacking from the man who coined the term, Dave Asprey, Thaddeus healed his own anxiety, lowered his blood pressure and fixed his sleeplessness using biohacking, PrimalHacking and Qigong. He spends his free time experimenting on himself in hopes of helping others on their journey. He writes about his experiments on PrimalHacker.com. He also spends time with his two boys learning martial arts, shooting arrows at targets and hiking.  

Thaddeus is a certified Bulletproof Coach from the first ever class of coaches, holds a personal training certification, nutrition certification, Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and studied Chemical Engineering a long time ago.

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