7 Best Nootropics For Everyday Use

Steven Sanders
Posted by: Steven Sanders June 09, 2018


While we chase our dreams, it is not a rare case that we ignore our true needs. Our body is super intelligent and is always sending the signals which we, sometimes, intentionally neglect. Do you feel dizzy these days? Or are you craving for a good night´s sleep? Are you anxious about your future? These are the most typical signs that something is happening inside of you. Don´t ignore them!

Neglecting your body´s signals could bring some serious problems and consequences.

If you are looking for a way to improve your day to day life, health, concentration or maybe all of these aspects, you will have to start cooperating with nature. We are offering you 7 natural supplements for everyday use that will improve the quality of your life.

In the following lines, you will learn which supplements are life-changing and how to find the balance between technological and natural world.

Pay close attention to the supplement number 7! You will be surprised to find out the benefits of this natural supplement:

Sunlight  -

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While the internet is being full of information about harmful effects of the sun, we should point out the benefits of the sunlight. Sunlight increases the feeling of happiness as it triggers a release of the hormone called serotonin. Not only people around you will enjoy your presence more, but your immune system adores when you are joyful! Plus, it will return you a favor by keeping you healthy and energized.

Have you heard about SAD? SAD is a seasonal affective disorder. It is a type of depression that is caused by changing seasons. Have you noticed that you are more active and energized in the summer than in the winter? It has a lot to do with the sunlight as in winter days are shorter.

As you probably know a sun boosts vitamin D production which leads to healthier skin and stronger bones. Only 5-15 minutes per day are enough for your skin to start boosting a vitamin D production.


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Water could become your best friend if you start taken it seriously! Water does miracles for headaches and skin. The brain is 90 % made of water, and our whole body is about 70% of it. That means if you hydrate yourself well your body will be grateful. These are the most common benefits that regular hydration will give you: fresh and clear skin, more energy, faster metabolism, fewer headaches, and faster brain work.


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Meditation is an excellent life tool. Those who regularly practice meditation know the best how it impacts their life. The best thing about meditation is that it focuses on the root of the problem, not the consequence. Meditation impacts the way we think and perceive events in our life. Furthermore, meditation teaches you to recognize the emotions and to accept them.

While meditating, you can heal and allow yourself to be. We are constantly distracted by millions of information every single day. By quieting your mind, you let yourself stop and take a moment to be present. You will learn how to handle stress better and to value little things. But the most important lesson you will learn is that we decide to be happy. We pick our emotions and control them, not the opposite. In time, you will more often choose happiness and joy over anger and depression.


There are some safe supplements that can benefit your concentration and overall brain power. Qualia is one of these. Qualia Mind is a premium supplement that helps support mental performance and brain health. It is designed to increase focus, concentration, energy, mental clarity, mood, memory, and creativity. Also, it is supporting long-term brain health.


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Did you know that people who don´t exercise have the same death rate as smokers? Our body craves for activity, and if we don´t move around, we are making a huge mistake. Not only you will look better and healthier, but every aspect of your life will change when you start implementing exercises into your routine.

With a regular workout, you will gain more strength, you will feel more eager about life, and the rush of dopamine and endorphins will boost your mood. Therefore, you will live life fully, and you will start engaging more in social activities. Exercising is a real life changer, so don´ t forget to use this natural supplement!


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The worse thing you can do is to reduce the number of sleeping hours. On the long run, sleeping deprivation can affect the way your brain works, and cause some serious health conditions. Good nights rest means everything! It affects your productiveness, mood, health and looks. There are numerous ways to improve the quality of your sleep. You can go for a walk before sleep, avoid heavy meals, take a relaxing meditation, use CBD or reduce the amount of caffeine. Do what you find the best for your situation, but don´t forget the importance of resting.


Steven is a writer and blogger at Nootropic Underground. He lives in Los Angeles, California and enjoys spending time with his family and on his motorcycle when not writing. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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