Cannabidiol: There’s Something About Weed That’s Good For You

Posted by: PrimalHacker January 12, 2018

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Yep, you read that right. Cannabis can actually boost your performance. But wait, before you go and barge into your pot friendly physician’s office and demand a prescription, take a few steps back. Let us show you a different side to this plant – something that few people know about.

Some people associate the cannabis plant with getting high, but unknown to them this plant contains many compounds that are useful for fitness and mental performance, thanks especially to the under appreciated compound called Cannabidiol, which we’ll refer to as CBD from this point onwards.

But, isn’t CBD... weed?

The short answer is: No. Weed or cannabis has been cultivated for its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, a psycho-active component responsible for that euphoric effect. It does so by targeting the CB1 receptor located in your brain. In other words, it’s the compound that gets you high.

CBD on the other hand is an altogether different compound. It doesn’t make you high. Most of the CBD products on the market today are from hemp plants that are cultivated to have minimum THC content. CBD oil or capsules, hemp oil and other hemp products are created using cannabis with low levels of THC. It's growing incredibly popular as a supplement and there is now even Amazon CBD oil easily available.

So, yes. CBD isn’t illegal and it is not a drug, but cannabis with high levels of THC are.

Now that the “CBD is weed” misunderstanding is out of the way, we can proceed to explore the ways that this amazing compound can help boost your performance in all areas of life.

CBD Oil Helps Lower Stress through Cortisol Reduction

During a stressful situation, the body produces cortisol in order to generate more energy to allow it to flee or fight. It provides glucose by drawing out protein stores in the liver through gluconeogenesis. However, high levels of cortisol in the body can be hazardous to your health, especially when it’s been elevated for long periods of time such as from chronic stress or overtraining.

Weed with high proportions of THC (about 20-30%) causes even more stress by potentially inducing mania, anxiety, paranoia and an upsurge of cortisol in the bloodstream. Its counterpart CBD, however, does the opposite.

CBD oil, the most popular form of CBD extracts, is surprisingly effective against stress. It reduces excess tension by lowering the body’s receptiveness to stress-inducement. CBD was found in a study to interfere with the secretion of cortisol, reducing levels in the bloodstream significantly.

Some people who use THC rich cannabis strains are also known to pair it with CBD to lessen the effects of anxiety and increase adrenal functions.

Therefore, CBD can help you with your overworked and overstressed self. Been living a life full of deadlines, tons of responsibility and heavy workload that you feel yourself getting stressed just by waking up in the morning? You need some CBD!

CBD Promotes Sleep

You think you can get the body, and the looks, of a Greek god by sleeping less than five hours a day? Nope. You most obviously won’t. Of course there may be other factors involved, like insomnia or your neighbor’s dog, and we’re not blaming you for those.

However, if you’re not doing anything to help yourself get into that state of sweet bliss called sleep, then you’re doing yourself a disservice by chronically overworking your body over time.

Aside from making you look older, sleep deprivation can reduce your brain’s capability to function normally and hamper your athletic performance. If prolonged, your body becomes more susceptible to serious medical conditions such as heart diseases and psychological disorders.

CBD in very low doses activates adenosine receptors like caffeine and prevents sleep, since it’s not really a sedative and should be classified as a stimulant. But in moderate to high dosages, it is an efficient sleep promoting agent. As we all know, a good nights rest is essential to an athlete, or to anyone for that matter. It’s to make sure the body regenerates accordingly and has time to heal.

So if you’re having trouble getting some shut-eye, now’s probably the good time to try out CBD oil.

CBD Helps with Weight Management

Smoking weed is often associated with an increased appetite, and subsequently, its use is thought to increase weight. But that’s not always the case. Your pancreas produces both insulin and glucagon to mediate blood sugar levels by signaling the liver to either burn or store energy. Glucagon is responsible for turning fat into sugar, while insulin stores sugar as fat. These two work together to maintain homeostasis through intricate mechanisms.

In relation to this, THC increases the body’s production of glucagon and blood sugar while CBD lowers its insulin levels. It also suppresses appetite. If you have a problem managing cravings, CBD might be able to help.

CBD is Anti-Inflammatory

Post work-out injury and inflammation could occur even when you try your best to avoid it, your muscles are still bound to be a little sore after a good workout. Inflammation can prevent you from performing at your best and can be a hindrance in everyday life. How can you look and feel your best if your chronic pains won’t let you exercise? CBD can help in that aspect by relieving inflammation.

Whether it’s joint pains or swelling, CBD is shown to regulate these inflammatory issues through repression of cytokine production and stimulation of T-regulatory cells, to name a few. It is even considered stronger than many of the commonly recommended drugs used for inflammation. An increasing number of professional and recreational athletes have been known to use CBD oil to alleviate their muscle pains and help them relax after long days of intense workouts.

CBD Oil Can Promote Insulin Sensitivity

You've followed an extreme workout program and you stuck to your strict diet since day one with no cheat days in between, but why does it seem like you have nothing to show for your efforts? If you believe that you’ve done all you can and your body still refuses to change, it might be your insulin sensitivity at fault.

Insulin sensitivity is how much the body secretes insulin in relation to a certain amount of glucose it would deposit. Those who are insulin sensitive produce less insulin in eating one piece of cake than people who are insulin resistant. Therefore, people with poor insulin sensitivity or insulin resistant are most likely to have difficulties transposing glucose into energy due to high amounts of insulin they secrete so the body ends up storing it as fat instead.

Due to their use of cannabis, many Marijuana smokers are less likely to be obese. This is due to the CBD compound which has been found to lower levels of insulin.

The Catch?

Yes, there has to be a catch. But don’t worry, you don’t need to draw pentagrams or offer your soul to some evil spirit to gain the benefits of this once demonized nutraceutical. You just need turmeric and black pepper. Why? Because the absorption rate of CBD sucks. Black pepper and turmeric increases the absorption rate of CBD and are known to possess significant health benefits on their own.

Curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Combine this with CBD and you now have a powerful two punch anti-inflammatory agent in your hands. But unfortunately curcumin, like CBD, is quickly metabolized by the body before it can be absorbed, decreasing its healing properties drastically. This is where black pepper comes in. Piperine, a chemical in black pepper, elevates the absorption rate of turmeric as well as CBD. It can also trigger transient receptor potential vanilloid type-1 (TRPV1), which can reduce pain. Therefore, using CBD and turmeric along with black pepper procures the best results when it comes to anti-inflammatory effects.

 A little warning though, you might not like the taste. But in the name of healthy living and abs, don’t let it stop you!

In Conclusion…

In reaching your ultimate body goals, CBD can be your most trusted ally. Not only will it help you achieve that physique or mental performance you’ve been dreaming of, but it can improve your overall health and wellbeing as well. Best of all CBD is not illegal! You’re free to purchase and use CBD oil in most countries around the world since it has approved amounts of THC. Be sure to use only high quality CBD extracts for optimum results!

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