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Chris James
Posted by: Chris James October 29, 2019

We take nootropics seriously here at Primalhacker. 




They work!


We scoff at energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull… 5 hours energy shot? No thanks!


But nootropics actually have evidence that they turn the brain on, may decrease dementia and alzheimers and more.. So we’re in! 


Sometimes, we want a little energy with our nootropics and that’s why many makers of nootropics add caffeine. 


Caffeine and nootropics is a good combo, because really caffeine is a nootropic. 


But if you could combine potent energy and nootropics in a shot with ingredients that work better together, then you could use this instead of 5 hour energy or Monsters.. 


Nootropics have HUGE promise!


This is the latest published nootropic paper

Towards better brain management: nootropics.

Malik R1, Sangwan A, Saihgal R, Jindal DP, Piplani P.

University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab University, Chandigarh-160014, India.


The learning and memory deficits have been recognized as severe and consistent neurological disorders associated with numerous neurodegenerative states. Research in this area has gained momentum only in the recent past after the biochemical and physiological basis of these processes have been understood. A considerable alteration in the neurotransmission is a consistent finding in cognitive disorders. Therefore, many therapeutic strategies to augment the concentration of neurotransmitters in brain such as cholinergic agents, biogenic amines and neuropeptides etc. have been evaluated in cognitive deficits. CNS modulators are the type of anti-amnesics that act via modulation of the neurological processes underlying memory storage. These include psychostimulants, excitatory amino acids and most important of all "nootropics". Nootropics are a heterogeneous group of compounds of diverse chemical composition and biological function that allegedly facilitate learning and memory or overcome natural or induced cognitive impairments. The literature survey incorporated in this article hallmarks the success achieved in the design and development of potential nootropic agents. Additionally, this review is an attempt towards discussing various approaches available to enhance memory, along with the classification of the known memory enhancers, authors research work towards various structural modifications carried out and the biological screening.


GQ Even got in on the Game


Do Nootropics Actually Work? I Took a Bunch of Magic Brain Pills to Find Out

Swallow a pill and become a better you? Nootropics sound too good to be true. So we sent one staffer to investigate.

They didn't find much benefit from nootropics, but they used prebuilt stacks that we haven’t found to be effective, and also only used specific nootropics for a short time and at one dose. Many people often find that they have to modify the dose or nootropic type to get a benefit. 


Energy Drinks

Modern energy drinks are filled with sugar and artificial flavors and colors. 

In addition, they aren’t built for synergy. Synergy means scientifically chosen ingredients that work better together than apart. 


Most of these drinks work great short term, but then the crash from the sugar and caffeine happen and you’re left with less energy than before. That’s not to mention all the other crap that wreaking havoc with your body behind the scenes.


What Makes Neurohacker Energy Shots Unique


Until now, products for mental energy have basically come in 3 types:


Type 1: A Big Jolt Of Caffeine Or Sugar. Read the label on the most popular energy shots and drinks. Most have 200 to 300mg’s of caffeine, or 20 to 50 grams of sugar. From a health perspective, that is not a smart solution for mental exhaustion.


Type 2: Healthy “Energy Shots” That Barely Work. Health food stores have recently begun carrying healthier alternatives calling themselves “energy shots” that contain just a few basic ingredients like tea, tumeric and ginger. Good for you? Sure. A big mental difference? NO.


Type 3: Mental Performance Supplements. There are a few amazing mental performance supplements on the market these days, but some of the rare ingredients in them taste awful, so until now, their premium brain nourishment was only available by swallowing capsules. 


The most respected name in mental nutrition supplements for many years has been Neurohacker Collective with their breakthrough supplement Qualia Mind. We actually tested out and reviewed their very first product years ago and have been fans of them ever since. Check that review out here.


If anyone could figure out how to formulate a large number of premium brain nutrients into a great tasting liquid shot that actually works, it was their research team.


Finally, after more than a year of perfecting the formula, the world’s best brain nutrition research team is finally revealing the first comprehensive liquid-shot for mental energy.


Packed with a DOZEN research-backed ingredients, but just 4 grams of sugar and less caffeine than an average cup of coffee, Qualia Nootropic Energy nourishes your brain the right way, for focus, memory, mood, and energy on a level you may have never experienced before..


With an easy 100 Day Money Back Guarantee and a whopping 50% OFF your first month supply when you choose the cancel-anytime subscription, this is a no risk opportunity


CLICK HERE to kick mental exhaustion out of your life for good, and enter PRIMALMIND at checkout for an EXTRA 15% off your first order of this unmatched new brain fuel!

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