Fix Your Blue Blockers

Posted by: Thaddeus January 08, 2019

Blue Blockers Falling Off Your Face?

Do you have a pair of blue blockers that fall off your face when you look down? 

Yeah, me too. 

I hate that. 

Every time I look down they fall onto the ground. There go my $100 custom glasses!

One time I was in a yoga class at 8pm and it was past sunset. Even though the class was dimly lit, it was lit with an LED light. 

I wanted to have my blue blockers on. 

But every time I went into down dog or forward bend, clack! went my glasses onto my mat. 

No Bueno. 

I realized that if you go in the sauna with your blueblockers they will expand with all the heat and never fit the same.  

Lesson learned.

Here's how I fixed My Blue Blockers

Step 1 Sugru

Pick up some Sugru

These come in little sugar looking packets. Don't eat them. 

They are playdough like material that hardens into hard plastic. 

You can mold it into any shape and size to fix various things like stipped electrical cords, plastic handles and more. 

Here are some amazing ideas of how to use this stuff!

Today you will use it to fix your glasses. 

These are my RaOptics (Code Primalhacker for a discount).

I had a custom pair made and I really don't like that they fall off my face after wearing them in the sauna. 

IMG 20190108 084650

 Step 2 Figure Out How Much  The Arms Can Come in

Usually, the glasses are falling off because the arms of the glasses are bowed outward a bit. 

You want to stop that outward bow by reducing the distance the arms can swing. 

Set your glasses down and close the arms

IMG 20190108 084702

Step 3 Apply

Open the Sugru packet and take out a tiny bit of the Sugru. 

Roll it around in your fingers and form into a cylinder.

Squish it against the inside frame of the glasses where the arm will shut. 

Usually, the arm will touch the inside part of the frame. You will stop it from reaching there and thus make a tighter fit. 

Push the Sugru into the frame and slowly and carefully open the arm.

Opening the arm will squish some of the Sugru. 

This is OK, squish it to where the arm now has a small gap before touching the frame because the Sugru is stuck in there. 

Back off the arm. 

This is what you want. 

IMG 20190108 084835

Step 4 Adjust

Sometimes it gets messy and you have to redo it or mold the Sugru into the right spot a little better. 

DO NOT get it on the screw or hinges, as it won't allow the glasses to close or open anymore. 

IMG 20190108 085107

I had to remold this and then the Sugru wouldn't stay put. 

So I gorilla glued the Sugru by first molding the shape, pushing it onto the frame, then peeling it off. 

I applied a tiny bit of gorilla glue to the Sugru and push it back on. 

IMG 20190108 085146

 Step 5 Trim

BEFORE the Sugru dries, trim off the excess Sugru so it doesn't look weird. 

I used a pocket knife to cut the excess off. 

IMG 20190111 091725

Step 6 Cure

Let this dry with the arms folded in. 

I let it go for 8 hours. 

Now, you have glasses that won't quite open all the way up, but it creates a much tighter fit on the face and they won't fall off very easily. 

IMG 20190111 091736IMG 20190111 091754


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Chris began his journey outdoors foraging medicinal and edible plants, hiking, hunting and camping in the woods around his childhood home in central Indiana. After spending a few years inside a windowless office he knew he needed to be outside and started working outside as an ironworker building tall commercial buildings all around the Midwest. After a serious accident that resulted in numerous injuries to internal organs and trauma to his brain he began to study and research ways to heal himself and make sure his body and mind was operating at peak levels. After experimenting on himself and helpingfamily and friends to do the same he realized that optimal health and performance through biohacking and ancestral health was one of his biggest passions and decided design his life around this.

PrimalHacker is the combination of those two passions. Chris loves spending time in the woods with his four boys, foraging, practicing martial arts and exploring ways to improve all aspects of health and performance. He is a certified Bulletproof Coach from the first ever class of coaches and a certified holistic health practitioner.

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