Ormus and Sungazing

David Whiteside
Posted by: David Whiteside June 26, 2018

Pseudo-science, or the rediscovery of ancient knowledge?

The Sun is an essential nutrient for every human body. As we learn more about the benefits of light information from the sun on human biology, we learn that cultures throughout history used the sun for healing.

One practice, that of sungazing has been talked about for years. I've always heard people talk about special powers from sungazing, but I never knew what they were.

We asked writer David Whiteside to write an article about sungazing so we could learn more about this practice. 

We also had heard of this substance called Ormus that sungazers make or buy and then drink to heighten their "powers". We added some info about Ormus into this post as well.


Enter David:

Though first scientifically observed in the 1970’s, the substance “Ormus” (from Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or “ORME-s”) and its traditional health and spiritual uses may date back to the Pharaohs and beyond.

Sungazing dates back to the earliest civilizations. Once considered the province of shamans, high priests, and initiates, it is being increasingly adopted worldwide for reported energetic, spiritual and physical health benefits.

Both practices are controversial, despite having thousands of devotees. Western mainstream media have little to say, beyond superficial debunking or dismissal. Despite this (intended?) absence of “hard” facts, anecdotal, traditional and historical information are widely available on the internet.

Ormus and sun gazing directly affect the “energetic” or “magnetic” self, including electromagnetic fields naturally produced in the body. In the best sense, Ormus may optimize you as a battery, while sun gazing provides an inexhaustible charge.

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Ormus: health supplement or philosopher’s stone?

In the modern age (1970-s), cotton farmer David Hudson inadvertently produced a mysterious by-product while “heat leaching” gold from the highly alkaline southern Arizona soil.

A white powder appeared along with the small amounts of gold he extracted. Curious, Hudson assayed the powder, finding highly anomalous properties:

  • flashing in and out of existence
  • levitation
  • transmuting into oil or glass
  • varying weight (same samples)
  • elements transforming into other elements
  • extreme superconductivity

Hudson funded as much research as he could, coining the terms “ORME” and “M-state elements,” and theorized that a mono-atomic structure (loosely coexisting atoms that don’t combine with other atoms) accounted for the many anomalies.  The “platinum group elements” including gold were most often found in his essays or referred to in his work.

yellow powder background

He patented several processes, and (with others) invested in a large-scale production plant.  He also made increasingly controversial claims about ORME-s:

  • known and used in ancient Egypt
  • known to Old Testament Hebrews, including Moses
  • the “philosopher’s stone” of ancient Alchemy (creates gold from other elements)
  • “glue” binding the soul to the body
  • brings spiritual enlightenment
  • miraculous healing properties at the DNA level

As often happens when a maverick inventor or businessman says he’s about to change the world…Hudson fell off the map soon after he obtained patents. The EPA shut down the ORME facility due to a purported industrial accident and little more was heard in national media.

Since then a robust cottage industry has grown up around Ormus due to its claimed health and spiritual benefits. Modern-day alchemists and companies sell different types and concentrations of Ormus (often called “white gold” or “white powder of gold”), primarily online.

“DIY Ormus” videos and posts are easily accessed online. Many advocate the “wet method” involving precipitation of Ormus from Dead Sea salt using weak concentrations of lye.

Devotees drink the resulting solution of M-state elements, and claim remarkable results:

  • Gradual detoxification
  • Inner peace and enlightenment
  • Unusual growth or regrowth of hair and nails
  • Regrowth of severed limbs
  • Increases psychic abilities
  • Increased serendipity
  • Brain hemisphere synchronization
  • Pineal gland de-calcification and activation

One theory is that by gradually saturating your tissues with these mono-atomic (superconductive) elements, you effectively untangle nervous system mineral accretions. Electricians would call this decreasing the resistance to current flow. This maximizes your body’s full energetic and magnetic potential.

Not everyone believes in Ormus. Detractors and debunkers abound online. One common objection—that gold is an inert metal and cannot interact with physical systems—sidesteps its reported exotic mono-atomic structure and properties. Others claim that Hudson’s “real process” is not the one used for commercial or DIY preparations.

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Sungazing dates back to most ancient cultures, including Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indian, Mayan, and Incan. Many of these worshipped the sun or included the sun in their pantheon (for example, Ra in Egypt or Surya in India.)

More than simple worship, from earliest times it was believed to confer physical healing and spiritual enlightenment—and release from dependence on food.

This includes Native Americans, who would stand in the sun for hours to gain energy, eating no food on their “sun” days.

The replacement of food with solar energy is one of sun gazing’s most remarkable (and controversial) benefits. Clinical evidence exists: several teams of Indian (and other) scientists have observed 100+ day fasts under controlled conditions.

The well-known and respected Hira Ratan Manek, an international sun gazing authority, fasted for 411 days from 2001-2002 in Ahmedabad, India, observed by 21 scientists and doctors. During that time “HRM,” as he is known, received only water and solar energy.

Sun gazing is far from haphazard. Rigorously controlled, precisely measured exposure to the sun (at safe hours, usually one hour prior to dawn or dusk), very gradually over time, is reported to confer many benefits.

After 3 months, adding 10 seconds each day-

  • inner peace
  • positive outlook
  • increased compassion
  • acquisitive or aggressive traits vanish
  • psychoses diminish
  • a “big picture” worldview sets in

After 6 months-

  • tangible physical healing
  • sickness, disease disappear
  • reduced need for FOOD
  • power to heal self through suggestion

After 9 months-

  • need for food disappears
  • the pineal gland or “third eye” activated
  • increased psychic abilities

HRM claims that by month 9, all the effects can be maintained by walking barefoot on the earth for 45 minutes per day, with only occasional sun exposure.

The process 

1. Stand outside, barefoot, facing the sun (within 60 minutes of sunrise or sunset), and smile. 

2. Maintain a joyful feeling and stare at the sun for 10 seconds. Each day, add 10 seconds.

3. Take slow, deep breaths and visualize connecting with the sun. 

That's pretty much it. 


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The pineal gland: where sunlight and white gold merge

Sungazing and Ormus both benefit the pineal gland.

Modern Western medicine only partially understands this rice-grain-sized gland, located almost exactly in the brain’s center.  It produces melatonin, controls sleep (circadian rhythm), regulates child sexual development and may control pituitary gland secretions. It is light-sensitive, communicating with the eyes to let us know day, night and even what season it is.

Many non-Western cultures believe the pineal gland is a seat or focus of spiritual and psychic power. Though discounted by the West as “pseudoscience,” numerous spiritual or occult beliefs and traditions extend far back in time.  

A fully “activated,” healthy pineal gland (or “third eye”) is said to facilitate:

  • telepathy
  • Clairvoyance
  • lucid dreaming
  • astral projection
  • remote Viewing

Adherents claim that Ormus decalcifies and nourishes the pineal gland.  This is especially important in environmentally polluted Western cultures which are believed to deliberately suppress pineal function—typically with fluoridated water.

Sungazing, especially from month 6 onward, is often discussed as an ultimate pineal gland activator.

One theory is that solar winds, recharging the planet’s magnetic field, also recharge the magnetite deposits in and around the pineal gland.  This takes place most efficiently (and safely) in the dawn hour, most popular with sun gazers. The “activated,” magnetite supposedly broadcasts the pineal’s own electromagnetic field, putting it (and us) closer to higher dimensions.

Can these effects be proven?

HRM’s extended fasts are on record. The internet offers many resources on his life and work. There are other “breatharians” like him. All have detractors and debunkers. Some consider HRM’s admission that he had “eaten 5 or 6 times” in the last few years to be scandalous.

David Hudson’s experiments, as well as his rise and fall, are also well documented.  Hudson himself has posted several extended YouTube spots.  Ormus users (including those who DIY) regularly share posts and video testimony online.

Not everyone agrees. There are factions within each community. Each claims the “correct” or most complete understanding of various topics.

 Those interested should deeply research the pros and cons of either practice--BEFORE drinking Ormus or gazing at the sun.

Let us know what you think!


David Whiteside is a health and diet writer with a financial background. He likes to write beyond the comfort zone--including how conventional diet “wisdom” has failed us all. See his blog at www.Paleo55plus.com .



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