VivoBarefoot Shoe Review (Barefoot shoes are here to stay)

I first heard about barefoot shoes from friends who ran barefoot.  Back in 2005, it was a hot trend to be a barefoot runner. People would toughen their feet by using military boots that were too big and gaining callouses. Vibram 5 fingers shoes were all the rage and people started out running barefoot and in the vibrams. This was a huge mis...


Reconnect with EarthRunner's Grounding Sandals

The Best Barefoot Shoes for Every Occasion

There's no better feeling than your bare feet against the soft ground, your toes squishing in the mud and the great connection you feel with the earth. Well at least that how it is for me. Your experience may be different.  No matter how you feel about walking barefoot, the evidence shows that we were not meant to wear the types of footwear w...