What is 5G?

Posted by: Thaddeus June 12, 2019

5G is not about faster download speeds and more data.

5G is about 2 things:

1. Tracking and Control

2. Money

Yes, you will have slightly higher download speeds, but you really don’t need much more speed.

When 5G hits, the FCC and wireless companies are asking for fast-tracking of the tower and antenna placements so that 5G installs remain unopposed.

There will not be time for safety studies or regulations.

There is money to be made and the National directive is to make 5G a national priority.

Once this happens and the Internet of Things (IoT) is live, your cell phone, your washing machine, your car all become instruments by which you can be manipulated and tracked. Manipulated by marketers, wireless companies and more.

But this is just a small fraction of the issue with 5G. We need to dive deeper.

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What is EMF

The Truth

Is uncomfortable. No one wants to admit that our phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs cause sickness and disease, including skin diseases, cancer and more.

Everyone wants the truth until they hear it.

Guess what?

Your cellphones, WiFi routers, Smart TVs, Bluetooth wireless earbuds, and all those cell antennas around you are microwave emitting devices!

Microwaves are a portion of the Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) spectrum, which is largely invisible.

Something we can't see, hear, feel, or smell can affect us and that’s scary to so many people because it works at a level we’re not aware of.

Electro Magnetic Fields

Sunlight is the original EMF.

The sun gives of visible and invisible radiation like red light, that we can see, and ultraviolet light that we can’t.

The earth’s magnetic field surrounds us as we walk and sleep on the Earth.

The Schumann resonance is a frequency created as lightning strikes the surface of the Earth. The frequency averages out to – 7.83Hz – also the same as alpha/theta frequency of the brain but can vary between 3-60Hz. These lightning strikes charge the earth like a battery as electrons are driven into the ground.


So is our DNA.

Nature, or God, designed us to make use of this invisible information around us. Our cells are tuned to it.

Astronauts are unhealthy when they go into space because they leave Schumann resonance.

In addition, they leave a massive source of electrons sitting in the ground of the Earth.

We can ground ourselves to the earth and take on some of these electrons and dump positive charge aka inflammation. Just take off your shoes!

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Earth's Magnetic Field

Schumann Resonance

Invisible UV and INfrared light

Microwave Radiation from Cellphones, cell towers, wifi and more...

Everything is tied to this invisible information.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

EMR Spectrum electromagnetic spectrum on earth

We work with InVisible Light

                UV Invisible light – tans our skin, makes vitamin D in our bodies and so much more.

                Infrared Invisible light - warms the body, is used in light therapy for healing and more.

                Magnetic and Schumann Invisible energies help us heal, help birds and insects navigate and more.

                Electric Field via sunlight in day time is present in the atmosphere while nighttime brings a stronger magnetic field.


That's right, the fields shift around us.

DO you think humans have been designed to make use of these things?


This is SOOOO Important  - and important to 5G especially, but we can’t be healthy without this information.

If our cells use wireless information to maintain optimal health, what happens when we bathe ourselves in wireless microwave radiation at a rate of a quintillion times more than ever in human history?

WIRELESS = Information passed by light! Visible light, invisible light, wavelength is all that changes to go from Light we see to wireless microwaves.

Invisible information is passed all the time between our cell phones when we send a photo or text. Why not to our cells as well?

Cell phones, WIFI all pass information invisibly through the air to our phones!   So does sunlight pass information to our cells to be healthy!! Key Point


It helps sometimes to know what frequency means for example when we say wifi works off 2.45GHz as the frequency.

Oscillations per second are measured in Hz

1Hz is 1 oscillation per second!     60Hz is our electrical AC

2.45 GHz is WiFi so that’s microwaves hitting our body at a rate of 2.54 billion oscillations per second. It’s literally the same as a microwave oven, but less powerful. However, were blasted all day and all night instead of all at once. We’re like slow cooking and slowly drying out steaks in a microwave on low.  


Understand Ionizing Radiation and Non-Ionizing radiation.

Microwaves are considered to be non-ioninzing radiation, although NASA disagrees with this.

Scientists thought that ionizing radiation, like x-rays, harmed DNA and biology while non-ionizing radiation didn’t really harm unless it heated something up too hot. This has been proven incorrect over and over in the literature but is still how the FCC regulates cell phones.

Xray =harmful

However, we used to think they were safe, cathode ray tube TV was X-rays into your eyes and we used to use X-rays for shoe fitting.

SO we tend to be wrong about such things.

Lead was once considered safe. Once we knew it was harmful it took about 70 years before we decided to regulate it or warn people about it, same with asbestos. 

Non-Ionizing like Infrared light and Radiowaves – do not separate an electron from an atom and do not cause direct DNA damage so we thought them safe. Not so.

Did you know the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies microwave radiation in the same cancer category as lead? 

Most people will tell you microwaves have no effect on biology, but then we have to wonder why Russian, Cuba, and China all microwaved our diplomats and why the US State Dept issued a warning to US citizens who visit these countries. 

Next Came Electrification

Tesla and Westinghouse fought a war for electrification of homes against Edison and DC current. AC  won and we introduced our first real non-native EMF into all homes.

Then the Lightbulb… this was introducing electric and magnetic fields in homes different than Nature.

Then Telegraph

Edison 1st discovered radio frequency and Tesla figured out how to cast it wirelessly including electricity wirelessly and for free, of course, his work was confiscated and taken by various governments and private companies, never to be released to the public.

So, Marconi, 1901 stole some of this and was credited with sending the first telegraph signal wirelessly.. actually Tesla had invented and piloted a remote-controlled toy boat before this (the 1800s imagine that!!), but he gets ignored.  Marconi got super sick, his child died, on an island filled with telegraph reception devices of very high power.

Radio, TV, and Eventually Microwave Radiation

Then in World War II came radar, radio, and TV sent through the air, into our homes, and into nature. We began increasing the radiation we were all exposed to outside of what nature provides.

Before we get to 5G, is there Harm from Wireless Radiation?


First of all, when modern Industry talks about wireless impacts to humans they talk about the effect of HEATING

Because the radiation is non-ionizing, it doesn’t break bonds and release an electron, so Industry tries to make up believe then that the only impact is heating up body tissues.

It’s what the entire industry bases their safety studies on, called the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) More on that later.

BUT the heating effect as the only effect was proven false 45 years ago

Wireless Harm

1885 and 1901 Dr. DiArsenal studied harm from wireless because of waves emitted that are not smooth, and that the effect was non-thermal

Today’s digital appliance all have unsmooth waves and cause harm and we knew that 125 years ago!

WWII is when we really took off with wireless with radar and sonar to find the Japanese and Russians started using it – soldiers began reporting illness including heart palpitations

1971 – Naval Medical Research Institute – microwaves and radio waves show harm in 2,301 studies

Updated in 1984 with 5,000 studies

1973 We Approved Cell Phones for use

But 1983 before we used them because we had to create the Infrastructure over 10 years

The same year we started using = same year 5,000 studies of the biological effect of microwave radiation 

THANK you for Smoking movie

                End Scene – “Gentlemen are cell phones Safe? Practice this in front of the mirror – there is no direct evidence that cell phone use causes brain cancer” 

Studied Adverse Health effects

Anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, impotence, dizziness (France court case of woman with EHS forced to work, got hurt), behavioral issues, gastric issues (krohns and irritable bowel anyone?)

NASA 1981 – EMF shows harm at low doses. Below is from the NASA paper

For example, both theories and observations link nonionizing electromagnetic fields to cancer in humans, in at least three different ways: as a cause, as a means of detection, and as an effective treatment. Other effects are simply curious at this time: audible sounds produced by microwaves (i.e. IImicrowave hearingll); and visible flashes produced by magnetic fields (limagnetophosphenes ll ) at power line frequencies. These are just a small sample of the interactions which will be described in the next two sections of this report (Adverse~ Benign~ and Curious Effects and Beneficial Effects).

Man is changing his terrestrial electromagnetic environment. Much of the change is a byproduct of industrial processes (e.g. welding and heating), communication (radio, television, and other forms of broadcasting), and energy transmission (e.g. power lines and the proposed solar power satellite). If he knew the consequences of these changes, he might wish to compensate for or enhance them. Fig. 3 shows the contribution to the environment of some existing manmade sources of electromagnetic fields. Figs. 4 and 5 show the expected contribution from the proposed solar power satellite

The second restriction requires a clear distinction between ionizing radiation and NIR, and actually there is none. Both forms of radiation are electromagnetic waves, and they seem to differ only in terms of frequency. Generally, ionizing radiation is at the high (in frequency) end of the spectrum, while NIR occupies the lower part. What frequency marks the dividing line between ionizing and nonionizing radiation? A standard definition for ionizing radiation was found; however, it is arbitrary and does not identify an abrupt physical threshold. According to that definition, all electromagnetic radiation with energy of 12.4 eV (electron volts) or greater per photon is ionizing. All with lesser energy per photon is not.

Readily available data, such as that listed in Table 7, show that many elements can be ionized with lower energy photons. Further, some can be ionized twice with photon energies still less than 12. eV. The table also shows that some compounds can be ionized with photon energies below those required to ionize any of their constituent elements. One familiar example is photo-ionization, which is the basis for photography, and occurs in the visible light band. So, the distinction between ionizing and nonionizing radiation is not precise, at least in terms of frequency and wave length. Based on the data available, however, it seems unlikely, though not impossible, that ~lectromagnetic waves well below about 1,000,000 GHz are ionizing

1994 – US Air Force Research conclusion – evidence shown exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological systems

Airforce, NASA, and Navy all say wireless affects our biology.

The Bioinitiatve report lists 5,000 studies of effect from wireless (29 leading scientists in the world)

The negative effect of wireless can occur within minutes of exposure.

One of the Major studied effects is shown by Dr. Martin Pall a researcher from Washington who showed that one of the effects is voltage-gated calcium channel effects where the cell floods from calcium.  The brain and heart work off calcium and electricity

When something like 5G hits the cell we get a Fenton reaction that creates a type of free radical that our body cannot fend off. We make antioxidants and proteins to quench free radicals and they are needed as signals for our biology, but making a free radical we can’t protect against damages mitochondria and our cells and leads to disease like cancer etc..

Blood-Brain Barrier –  there are chemotherapy studies to get cancer drugs into the brain by disrupting the blood-brain barrier with microwaves, and so it’s a true effect, what is it doing? Behavioral, Alzheimer’s etc.. leaky blood-brain barrier all the time???

US Govt has known for 40 years that there is harm from wireless but will not give funding to US scientists for the last 30 years to study the safety of microwaves

Only 2 studies ever funded

  1. Study of addiction to cell phones in humans found the physiological effect of cell phones resulting from increased glucose metabolism in the brain of all participants, meaning the brain had to work a lot harder
  2. 2014 NTP $25MM study!! Linked brain cancer to cellphone use. 

This study found clear evidence of cancer from cell phone radiation. It was conducted over 14 years using 2 and 3g cell phone radiation and is publicly available for anyone to read.

Yet the FCC says no evidence of harm from wireless and no evidence of a physiological effect.

The NTP study was on 2 and 3G, not on 5G!!

But we’re so addicted to cell phones, our economy now runs on wireless, and we’ve built all the infrastructure.. govt and military depend on it and it’s not going away

Millimeter microwaves hit the skin and stimulate sweat glands and use the skin as an antenna.

We haven’t even covered tattoos in 5G!


FCC is solely in charge of the safety of wireless!! Yet it’s only 4 people including the head of the CTIA

FCC took away the power of the EPA to protect the public against wireless radiation, EPA is not allowed to study or research this and all safety of wireless is run through the FCC

Insurance companies won't insure the wireless companies for anyone using them for harm from wireless. They are naked out there. Look up Lloyds of London and read the disclaimer about microwave radiation health effects. The second tier insurance companies won't insure the wireless industry against health effects. 

So they, the FCC and the wireless industry, are adding state and federal regulation to make it illegal to sue wireless companies over health claims and illegal to block 5G based on health claims.

SAR Test

Real quick we need to talk about the SAR test.

In 1996 the safety standards were created for cell phones by the FCC, only 16% of us had cell phones then.. no wifi. Hundreds of organizations, including The US Government Accountability Office, US dept of the Interior, EPA all say these safety standard make no sense.  China and Russia have stricter safety standards of  10 uW/cm2 whiles ours are 1000 uW/cm2 (100 times lower)

The safety standards ONLY look at heat effects of wireless radiation, NOT all the other effects. Heating is not the major effect

The FCC SAR safety test uses a 220lb man with a thick skull.

Children have thin skulls.

The phone is only used for 6 minutes before safety standard is exceeded.. anyone use their phone longer?

Oh, and to stay within the safety standards you can NEVER put your phone to your head, strap it to your arm, hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket. Because why would anyone even do that???

Phones tested in CBC news had radiation 4 times higher than the SAR anyway.

And Finally - What is 5G – an introduction

1 quintillion times more, 10x18 more radiation today than ever in the History of MAN. All made by man.

We are not designed to take this

5G is about the Internet of Things (IoT) and surveillance and connection to everything.

1G was talk 900 MHZ

2G was talk and text

3G was talk, text, and a little data

4G was talk, text, data

5G is about selling your data and tracking you – and now we’re addicted to our phones and our economy can’t run without wireless!

5G is about creating huge money grabs from your personal data sold through all the devices that will be connected wireless from your home (washing machine, refrigerator, Alexa) to your car to the sotres you visit. 

8GHZ – 90 GHZ is the range for 5G and we’re already talking about how to implement 6G in the 300GHZ range. before this wireless worked off 800MHz-6GHz and now we're opening up this huge unstudied spectrum of wireless. 

This is a HUGE range, and completely unstudied for health effects. There are no current or planned studies on safety from the wireless companies.

Intensity of the signal increases harm, so the closer you are to the source, the worse off you will be and 5G intends to bring EVERYONE next to the source!

5G signifies “5th generation” wireless technology. It is said to provide faster and higher transmission capacity. It includes Internet of Things (IoT), driverless cars, and faster video streaming.

5G will massively increase the microwave and millimeter wave radiation in our environment. It will also use new frequencies that are not evaluated by experts independent from industry as to their safety.

5G will include the higher millimeter wave frequencies, previously used for crowd control for instance. The millimeter waves do not travel easily through buildings so 5G will require millions of new “small cell” antennas.

The wireless telecom industry intends to outfit nearly lamp post or utility post around the countries with these wireless small cell antennas beaming hazardous radiation next to, or into our homes, schools, workingplaces and everywhere, 24/7.

5G radiation will be sent from advanced antennas, so called phased arrays,  that transmit the microwaves and/or millimeter waves in narrow bands, a technology originally developed for military purposes. This will massively increase the exposure to radiation in those beams, that will be nearly everywhere.

The massive increase of radiation is observed in a scientific paper published in 2017:

“Our results show that 5G downlink RF fields generate significantly higher power density (PD) and specificabsorption rate (SAR) than a current cellular system.”…Thus,when a larger phased antenna is used or when a user moves closer to the AP, the PD value becomes a major health concern which inevitably requires more research about health effects of 5G before it is deployed successfully by strictly following the RF emission standards.”

A substantial and convincing amount of scientific studies show many adverse health effects and health hazards from radiofrequency/microwave radiation.

No evaluation of health effects nor of effects on the wildlife, bees and plants has been undertaken. There is no research showing safety neither from 5G alone, nor from the combined exposure to 5G + already existing radiation from GSM, 3G, WiFi, 4G etc.

5G is already live in many cities. They won't tell you that and you can’t measure it with a meter, none work with a high enough frequency.  Also, they don’t want you to know its live.

If your city says 5G is coming soon, then it’s already there.

Even the technicians who work on the wireless antennas aren’t allowed to have meters with them because they don’t want anyone to know how dangerous the levels are and have proof for harm.

Even baby diapers now have antennas and they text Mom when the diaper needs changing.

Baby monitors are mini cell towers in the amt of radiation they give off !!!

Insane amt of data to capture so need more antennas to capture it all , extremely high frequency cell transmitter needed in front of every house

Antennas in 5G will be lower, more direct to you, and in non-obvious places.

Heavy metal accumulation will be worse

Our ability to remove fungi, and molds and lyme will be compromised and these things will get worse. Infections will increase and be harder to treat

Also AT&T controls your media everywhere. They bought Time Warner, CNN, HBO. Control our communication system

Verizon Bought Yahoo, and AOL (is that still a thing?)

What to do

Sign up for our EMF course. You’ll get an email and video each day for 26 days to learn more about all this. And it’s FREE


Get out In Nature

SUN – get safe and natural sun exposure

Trees – can block EMF

Pine trees – are said to be the most effective at blocking EMF

Wifi off at night. Use a REMOTE or TIMER 

Cell phone in airplane mode, always unless you need to be on immediately.

Cellphone into a faraday cage – it blocks EMF

Block with metal – metal blocks most EMF

EMF Shielding Paint – can coat walls inside a house to block EMF and 4G

Bed Canopy material can be hung up over your bed to block your sleeping area from EMF (code primalhacker)

Shielded and airtube headphones, don’t let your cell phone earbuds become an antenna, use shielded and airtube earbuds 

Test, because what’s happening in your home is different from everyone elses.. get some EMF meters to check for yourself.

Move to places with lower population density (Cell phone meter test)


Stay safe out there. Work with your local city to stop 5G until it's been properly tested for safety. 

About the Author


Chris began his journey outdoors foraging medicinal and edible plants, hiking, hunting and camping in the woods around his childhood home in central Indiana. After spending a few years inside a windowless office he knew he needed to be outside and started working outside as an ironworker building tall commercial buildings all around the Midwest. After a serious accident that resulted in numerous injuries to internal organs and trauma to his brain he began to study and research ways to heal himself and make sure his body and mind was operating at peak levels. After experimenting on himself and helpingfamily and friends to do the same he realized that optimal health and performance through biohacking and ancestral health was one of his biggest passions and decided design his life around this.

PrimalHacker is the combination of those two passions. Chris loves spending time in the woods with his four boys, foraging, practicing martial arts and exploring ways to improve all aspects of health and performance. He is a certified Bulletproof Coach from the first ever class of coaches and a certified holistic health practitioner.

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