Why I Quit The Gym. Forever!

Posted by: Thaddeus July 16, 2019

I used to work out every single day. I would spend an hour at the gym, sometimes 2.

My preferred routine was to get up, run 2 miles, then shower and go into work.

At lunch, I would workout in the gym.

When I got home, I would run 5 miles or bike for 10 miles or more.

On weekends, I would hit the gym first thing in the morning, then go for a long swim or bike ride and then relax. Usually, I could get this done by 10 am on weekends.

I was fast. I could place in the top 10 in most running races.

I could go for a long time. I ran marathons and triathlons with no problem.

I looked really good. At least I thought so.

Actually, when I stopped all the cardio and focused on HIIT and weightlifting, I looked even better.

But I’ve decided to give up the gym. Forever.

The Gym is Toxic People Looking for Validation!

attractive beautiful beauty 783243

Not only is it filled with toxic people, many of them super narcissistic,

adult athlete biceps 1483217

but it’s filled with the toxins of everyone else. Everyone eating toxic food and then coming to the gym to sweat it out.

YOU get to breathe all that in and absorb it through your skin. NO thanks

In addition, it sets up competition.

You work harder to look as good as the next guy or girl. You want to lift more weight so you don’t look weak.

active adult aerobics 206573

You want to look buff like a few of the elite bodybuilders in the locker room. Remember, most of those fitness pros only look like that for a very short time and through starvation and brutal workouts that shorten their lifespan

– check out Charles Poloquin – a great guy, but spending so much time in a gym and working out so much is not healthy.

Also, most of the super fit people you see at the gym are chemically enhanced and also not healthy.

I used to want to look like all the buff guys at the gym. I worked out as hard as I could and started eating more.

I found out the only way I could gain weight and put on real muscle was to drink a lot of beer, stay up late, and do martial arts.

The combo of being hit often signaled to my body to put on weight, aka padding.

Combined with staying up late and drinking beer and carbs, I was able to gain some weight. I was not healthy.

Remember FIT ≠ Healthy

Tons of fit looking people, able to run marathons and triathlons, or with bodies of Greek Gods are in fact very unhealthy, but look good.


Gyms are Filled with Toxic Products

VOCs offgas from all the workout equipment.

Flame retardants, phthalates, toluene, and more offgass from the machines and mats directly into your lungs.

This is not a place to get healthy.

When you work out, you take in more oxygen to your blood and tissues.

Do you really want to welcome all that toxic gas into your body?

The food in the vending machines is usually sugar-laden or full pf preservatives or pre workout mixes made to jack your cortisol.

Just have an espresso or something!

The showers, steam room, and sauna are toxic.

Not only do the showers contain nasty bacteria and viruses and who knows when they were last cleaned, but the water is full of chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals.

The steam room is just vapor phase fluoride, chlorine and chemicals, no Bueno.

And the sauna is everyone else’s toxic soup of detox products pulled out in the sweat, dropped onto the bench and then vaporized for you to breathe in.

Toxic Lighting Leads to Big Issues

The lighting in gyms is not designed for health, but so you can see yourself in the mirror.

While looking good in the mirror is the real reason most people go to the gym, you also expect to get healthy there as a by-product of looking good naked.

The problem is that lighting is almost always LED lights.

Sometimes it’s fluorescent lights and both are bad.

LED and fluorescents both emit WAYYYYYY too much blue light and no infrared.

Basically, this light is breaking you down and causing metabolic havoc all while you're supposedly getting healthy.

Did you forget about how much light has to do with health and did you learn about WHY I QUIT BLUE LIGHT

art artsy blue 1988698

According to Dr Jack Kruse, working out under artificial light causes scar tissue to form when you break down muscle while working out.

This scar tissue does not heal and builds up and causes massive problems for those working out indoors all the time.

Artificial lighting can also cause melasma, skin discoloration from too much blue light, and most people are largely disrobed when working out.

Further, if you work out at night, all that artificial light is telling your body that it’s the middle of the day in the summertime and not only ruins your sleep later, it depresses your body’s master anti-caner and antioxidant hormone, melatonin.

So I made a decision never to workout in a gym again.

At least, I’d never join a gym that doesn’t have an outdoor workout place and never regularly work out in a gym.

While I still want to look good, I do not want to subject myself to all the downsides of working out in a gym.

Plus, I’m trying to be less narcissistic.

I feel like I should keep a certain body image to align with my business and online personality, but honestly, I’m willing to let that slip a bit to both be healthier and live longer while still looking as good as I can.

What do you think? 

adults bearded man casual clothing 2594827

I have decided I’m only going to workout outside, regardless of the season, weather, or temperature.

Optimal health is built by listening to what’s truly healthy and not what’s popular or always been done.

So what should YOU do if you want to stop working out in a gym and yet still look good naked?

  1. Make a list of all the things you love to do related to movement.

For me, that came down to martial arts, XC skiing, biking, lifting weights (maybe I hate doing this, but love the effects), swimming, sunbathing, hiking, kayaking).

  1. Find a way to incorporate those things into your day.

I spend every single morning naked (cool tan shorts = naked) doing qigong in at sunrise.

At lunch, I either walk, bike or lift weights in my outdoor gym. I kayak in the evenings or on weekends.

I totally let my gym membership lapse and ONLY workout outside.

  1. Build a home/outdoor/garage Gym

Here are photos of my set up.  I bought a Rogue squat station that I use for squats, deadlifts, and presses. I also have kettlebells and rings I use more often than the Olympic weights. And I have a set of rings for dips, Australian pull-ups, pistols, and pushups.

BP 42A Angled Squat Rack Plate Holders xlg

  1. Commit to taking your workout outdoors regardless of that nagging voice telling you to go crush it indoors!

body fashion female 206515

Trust me, I know. I know I can go inside to the gym, get in a good workout and get out. I’ll look the way I want.

Problem is, I’m killing myself doing so, no matter how good I look.

  1. Get Creative

Today, I drove to the gym at corporate headquarters at 645am.

I wanted to just go in and get a workout. But it was sunrise (the most important time to be outside for optimal health), and I committed to working out only outdoors.

So I took a walk. Every 2 minutes, I did 25 pushups, 50 squats, and some back work by using my own body ala the Pushing Yourself to Power book 

What to do if You STILL Go To The Gym

  1. Cover up

Wear long sleeves, pants, and a hat. Yes, it matters. Your skin has receptors in it that read the light environment.

  1. Wear Blueblockers 

Stop getting junk light in our eye messing with your hormones and sleep.

  1. Earbuds (Radiation Free of Course!)

Drown out the grunting, selfie snaps, and annoying bros and bras stealing your time.

Get in, get the work done and get out! Listen to a podcast and educate yourself while you’re there.

  1. Get In/ Get Out

You’re there to work.

Do it and get out.

It’s not social hour.

If you want that, meetup afterward at the park and finish the workout with a HIIT sprinting workout or with some yoga.

Or host a recovery session at your home afterward with red lights, cold thermogenesis, and health building food. 

  1. Shower at Home

Skip the sauna and the shower.

Use the sauna at home because sauna after a workout builds more muscle and helps you lose fat.

Shower in clean water. I put a whole house water filter on my home so my shower and bath is free of chlorine and toxins.


It’s been 5 months since I quit the gym.

I can’t tell you if I lost any weight or muscle because I don’t have a scale at home.

I definitely lost a little bulk. But bulk is often water weight and inflammation. Best to be rid of it.

I focus now on strength and skills and fun more than gaining muscle.

I LOVE it.

I feel so much calmer and more vibrant.

I know I’m building my health in the sun and outdoors.

I love the way I look and I no longer have to spend time in a gym.

My outdoor workouts are fun and I’m spending time outdoors doing things I love.

I think this is the way nature intended. What’s mother nature telling you?

Time to listen up.

About the Author


Chris began his journey outdoors foraging medicinal and edible plants, hiking, hunting and camping in the woods around his childhood home in central Indiana. After spending a few years inside a windowless office he knew he needed to be outside and started working outside as an ironworker building tall commercial buildings all around the Midwest. After a serious accident that resulted in numerous injuries to internal organs and trauma to his brain he began to study and research ways to heal himself and make sure his body and mind was operating at peak levels. After experimenting on himself and helpingfamily and friends to do the same he realized that optimal health and performance through biohacking and ancestral health was one of his biggest passions and decided design his life around this.

PrimalHacker is the combination of those two passions. Chris loves spending time in the woods with his four boys, foraging, practicing martial arts and exploring ways to improve all aspects of health and performance. He is a certified Bulletproof Coach from the first ever class of coaches and a certified holistic health practitioner.

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