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Want Better Sleep? Read This (A Review of Qualia NIGHT)

More than one-third of Americans have trouble sleeping at night. That's roughly 100,000,000 people. 

Many of them reach for prescription products to help them sleep.

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Light Protocol for Night Shift Workers (and New Moms who might well be considered night shift workers)

So you work at night.

When everyone else is sleeping.  Zzzzzzzzzz……

Maybe you consider yourself a night owl.

Maybe you love the lonlieness of the night.

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VivoBarefoot Shoe Review (Barefoot shoes are here to stay)

I first heard about barefoot shoes from friends who ran barefoot.  Back in 2005, it was a hot trend to be a barefoot runner. People would toughen their feet by using military boots that were too big and gaining callouses...

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Flickering of LED and Fluorescent Lights Are Bad For You

Bottom line is that LED lights and especially fluorescent lights flicker and cause health problems for those who work under them. Stuck in school all day under these lights?


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