Using Morning Sunlight For Boosting Thyroid Levels And Fat Loss

I know you’ve heard people make the following statements many times before:

“I just need to eat less and exercise more to burn fat”

“When I finally find that magic fat burner supplement, the pounds will come flying off”

“I just need to count calories to lose fat - nothing special to it”

“I’ll use 2 hours of cardio per day from tomorrow until the summer so that I’m ready for the beach”

“I’ve got some amazing supplements for fat loss. I’m going to be ripped!”

Nothing could be further from the truth. And hopefully, you frowned when hearing these statements and continued with your day.


Because you know what?

The light in your environment - such as morning sunlight - affects fat loss as well. Fat loss is a complex issue that cannot be solved by exercise and dieting alone.


So in this blog post I’ll teach you how to use morning sunlight for boosting thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid health is an underappreciated key for fat loss success.




Well, the thyroid gland is located at the front of your neck and integral to energy production and burning body fat. So if your toolbox consists of just changing your diet, supplements, and exercise then you’re not doing yourself a favor.


You need a new tool - a secret weapon. Is morning sunlight a magic pill that will make you easily lose 30 pounds a month? Of course not. But you will move the needle in the right direction. Sometimes that extra edge is all you need - and this edge is free!


Keep in MInd, Primalhacker does have a friend, Todd, who did literally nothing else except add morning sunlight and lost 25lbs in 6 weeks!

Lett’s thus get started.

This is a guest blog post by Bart Wolbers. Bart finished degrees in Physical Therapy (B), Clinical Health Science (MS), Philosophy (BA; MA), and Philosophy of Science and Technology (MS - Cum Laude), and helps thousands of people take charge of their own health with his blog.



Many people are unaware that light in their environment has a huge effect on their health. Fortunately, that tide is slowly turning.


A few weeks ago, the World Health Organization stated that kids under 5 years old need to limit their daily screen time to less than 1 hour a day (R).


Screen time is the period which you spend in from of the television, tablet, and smartphone. Right now screen time levels approximate an inconceivable 3.5 hours a day for primary school children (R).


For teenagers and adults, those numbers are even worse.


Why care?


Well, evidence exists that screen time increases the risk of obesity, depression, overeating, a lower quality diet, and even lower quality of life (R).


That light in your environment can either support your health or be a detriment. The World Health Organization is finally catching on to that trend.


The health-promoting effects of light, on the contrary, have also become very heavily studied. Thousands of studies exist on what is called “photobiomodulation” or “red light therapy” (R).


Red light therapy uses LED panels that put out red and infrared light. Those types of light affect your body’s biology and therefore your health - I’ll tell you more in a sec. For now, it’s important to realize that sunlight also emits red and infrared light and can thus affect your health.


In fact, red and infrared light are predominant in sunlight in the morning (RR). Those specific types of light have also been demonstrated to affect thyroid function (R).

Curious yet? In that case, let me tell you about my strategy in this blog post. I’ll:


  • First, tell you about the health risks of obesity and why you shouldn't be obese.
  • Then treat the central role of the thyroid in understanding obesity.
  • Consider why (morning) sunlight is so important to your health.
  • Why artificial light, especially at night can lead to obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
  • How light - such as sunlight and red light therapy - affect fat loss.
  • And finally, treat how to properly use morning sunlight for fat loss


Of course, Chris and Thaddeus have already explored the topic of fat loss from many different angles on Primalhacker. Both authors, for example, have written on:



This blog post can be envisioned as a continuation of that series.


So are you ready?

Here we go…


First, the perils of obesity:


Everyone today knows that obesity does not just negatively affect your looks--your health also goes down the more obese you are.


Nonetheless, very few people are fully aware of how problematic obesity really is.


The obesity problem has also grown to unprecedented proportions. You only have to open your eyes to observe that obesity is a big problem. Even kids in elementary school are obese today. That obesity problem wasn’t that big when I was a kid - and I’m only 33 years old.

So let’s look at some statistics:


In 2016, about 1.9 billion people are overweight on this planet - that’s almost a third (R). From a statistical standpoint, the problem is worse in developed countries such as the US: more than 70% are overweight and almost 40% are obese there (RR).


Any country that accepts the lifestyle of the developed world eventually ends up with the excessive weight and obesity problem as well.

Being obese affects every area of your life:


  • Your general risk of dying goes up - independent of cause (RRR). That risk is commonly expressed through what is called “all-cause mortality”. All-cause mortality aggregates all variables that could impact your chance for survival, such as getting heart disease, Alzheimer’s in your brain, or dying because of a car accident. Higher all-cause mortality simply entails that you’ll live for a shorter period of time.
  • You’ll more frequently become diseased. Your chances of getting diabetes (RR), heart disease (RR), chronic back pain (RRR), lung problems (RRRR), and disability (RR) all go up.
  • Unfortunately, mental health is also negatively affected. Obesity is linked to depression (RR), eating disorders (RR), a lower quality of life (RRR), and decreased self-esteem (RRR).
  • Stigmatization makes matters worse - physical and mental problems are thus not your only worries if you’re obese (RRR). Such stigmas may make you more prone to gain weight, make poor health choices, and be neglected.


(The debate around obesity is complex. Some studies suggest an “obesity paradox” may exist, meaning that obesity at higher age increases your survival, and also in case you’ve already got a disease (RR))


Of course, obesity is not exclusively your fault…


Companies that produce processed foods, for example, actively try to make them as addictive as possible. So entire teams of scientists work on programming your brain to crave that Oreo over and over again (RR).


Frequently eating processed foods develops the activation of similar brain patterns as during substance abuse (RR). You can thus literally be addicted to processed foods while ruining your health in the process.


Furthermore, very convincing reasons exist to believe that obesity is a disease in and of itself (RRR). Advertisements that promote Mcdonald's or Wendy’s to children is thus similar to having the tobacco industry expose them to cigarette commercials.


Crazy but true.


And while I’m not giving you an exhaustive list of all variables that affect fat loss, I do want to single out the thyroid:


As stated before, the thyroid is located at the front of your neck and is central to the body’s energy-producing capacity.


More than 10 different thyroid hormones exist throughout the human body, all at varying levels in different tissues. I won’t go into all these hormones in detail but only cover the basics:


The most important thyroid hormones are THR (Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone), TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), T4 (thyroxine) and T3 (triiodothyronine).


Let’s consider these hormones:


  1. THR (Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone) is first released in the brain, in an area called the “hypothalamus” (RR). The hypothalamus is involved in many evolutionary primordial functions of the body, such as regulating temperature, secreting hormones, and managing hunger, thirst, and sleep (R). When TRH is released, it affects the pituitary gland (R). The pituitary gland also has many basic bodily functions, such as those related to growth, hormonal function, and libido (R).
  • TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is then released by that pituitary gland (R). TSH affects the thyroid gland downstream (R). The brain is thus the “first mover” in thyroid function, while the thyroid gland acts as an intermediary. That thyroid gland is subsequently responsible for thyroid hormones such as T3 and T4.
  • T4 (thyroxine) is directly released by the thyroid gland (RR). T4 moves throughout the bloodstream and can thus have an effect throughout your body. The 3 areas that are responsible for that eventual T4 creation are named the “hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid” (HPT) axis - points 1-3 which I’ve covered before.
  • T3 (triiodothyronine) can be created out of T4 - their difference is that T4 contains 4 iodine atoms, while T3 only contains 3 (RR). Eventually, it’s mostly the T3 hormone is used by your cells. T3 is also produced in your thyroid gland, but T3 is also created by converting T4. T4 can be envisioned as the “inactive” thyroid hormone, while T3 is “active”.


While oversimplified, the end-goal of those steps is to get T3 into your cells where it can be used.


Thyroid hormones cannot be created out of thin air though. Let me explain why by taking a small detour:


You can probably notice that the word “tyro” or similar sounding phrases regularly return in the name of thyroid hormones. That’s no coincidence. A building block of proteins called “tyrosine” is responsible for the creation of those hormones (RR).

Tyrosine is found in higher quantities in animal foods, and can also be made from another amino acid called “phenylalanine”. Phenylalanine is also mostly found in animal foods (R).

Iodine is another building block of thyroid hormones--without sufficient building blocks, your thyroid function will be inhibited (RR). Other nutrients such as selenium, iron, and copper are required as well. The aforementioned iron is also best supplied with a diet that includes animal foods (once again).


Thyroid issues can be pretty complex. Problems can originate at several steps:


  • The brain doesn’t allow the thyroid to release hormones, such as THR and TSH
  • The thyroid itself is prevented from creating T4
  • Thyroid hormones, mostly T4 and T3, are not carried where they need to go
  • Several tissues don’t convert T4 into T3. These tissues include the liver, brain, thyroid, muscles, and gut.
  • Your cells don’t properly take up thyroid hormones or don’t properly metabolize it. In that case, you may have high T3 levels but the hormone is not used properly.


Break one of these steps and thyroid function is thus sub-optimal.


Of course, I’m not giving you a lecture on thyroid problems - the topic of this blog post is fat loss. But fat loss will also take a hit if your thyroid hormone levels are lower.


Let’s find out:

Thyroid hormone levels and metabolism

The higher your thyroid hormone levels, the quicker your metabolism becomes (RRR).


Metabolism can be understood as “resting metabolic rate”. Resting metabolic rate are the calories you’re burning 24-7, independent of circumstance (RR). The higher your resting metabolic rate is, the greater your capacity for fat loss gets  (RR).


With a very low metabolic rate, it becomes harder and harder to burn many calories because overeating quickly leads to weight gain (RRR).

Hard time imagining that concept of resting metabolic rate? In that case, have a look at children. Children - when they’re healthy - can eat almost anything they want without gaining body fat.

Just think back to when you were 10 years old: you could eat a Snickers bar and coke between your meals and you’d still not gain any fat. If you repeat the same behavior now you’re 20 or 30 years later, you’d gain pound after pound with no end in sight.


Children have a very high resting metabolic rate - that level drops the older you get (RR). The loss of muscle mass alone cannot explain that drop. Your metabolic rate thus simply drops once you get older.


Keep in mind that a higher amount of muscle mass level can save your metabolic rate somewhat (RR). Now, I’m not saying you should become a 275-pound bodybuilder - carrying so much muscle mass is very unhealthy - but some muscle mass keeps your metabolic rate higher into old age.

(By the way, I’ve written an extensive blog post about resting metabolic rate.)


The solution?

You’ll want instead is a higher metabolic rate without having to “bulk up” to extreme levels. And by having a higher metabolic rate, you’ll move closer to the metabolism you had when you were young.


In the next section, I’ll tell you how morning sunlight contributes to that process.

Displaying boy at bat in baseball.jpg

Children: the ultimate fat loss experts?


Your body has a 24-hour clock inside itself, called “the circadian rhythm” (RRR). The light in your environment affects that circadian rhythm (RR).


For millions of years, sunlight was the main light source your ancestors saw during the morning and the rest of the day.

Sure, the intentional control of fire was discovered about 800,000 years ago. But fire only emits red and infrared light. Nighttimes were thus mostly absent from light, except fires and moonlight, and the daytime began when the sun got up.

Today is totally different...

The problem with modern technology is that they emit unprecedented amounts of blue and green light. When blue and green light enters your eyes, they signal to your brain that it’s noon (RRR).


That’s a huge problem.




If you’re looking at a tablet or television at 3 AM, your brain also gets that impulse from blue and green light. Your brain thus cannot tell the difference between sunlight and artificial light and thinks it’s daytime.


Morning sunlight is the best way to tell your brain it’s time to wake up. Many hormonal processes are actually tied to that process (RRR).


There’s yet another problem though:


Screens and artificial light (from CFL and LEDs) don’t contain any red and infrared light.

You need red and infrared light, however, for proper bodily functioning and thus to move closer (or retain) optimal health. In fact, sunlight predominates in red and infrared light in the morning hours - ultraviolet light is not yet present at that time (RR). Blue and green light are also less predominant then.

So if you’re staying inside all day, you won’t get the benefits of red and infrared light. Fortunately, the effects of these light types upon the thyroid have been studied in great detail.


A quickly growing field of study, called “LLLT” (Low Level Laser Therapy) or “red light therapy”, concerns itself with using just the right dose of red and infrared light for therapeutic purposes.


Primalhacker has featured the subject in great detail on their blog. But let’s relate that topic to thyroid function:


So let’s consider how red and infrared light affect fat loss by influencing the thyroid:


  • In one study (R), red and infrared light exposure completely eradicated the requirement for taking thyroid medication (T4) in 47% of participants. The result was measured over a 9-month period. Those who still did use T4 could generally lower their dosage. Red and infrared light thus activates thyroid production. The only downside of the study was the low number of participants.
  • Another study (R) demonstrates that levels of different types of some antibodies are lowered with greater red and infrared light exposure. Thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAb) is one example of such an antibody. Medication dosages also went down as a result once again. Autoimmune conditions of the thyroid are really prevalent - Hashimoto’s disease is one example of such a condition (RR). Red and infrared light lowering antibody counts is thus really promising for many people with thyroid issues - who frequently have trouble losing fat. Another study confirms the finding on red and infrared light healing the thyroid in case of a present condition (R).
  • Red and infrared light normalize blood flow (R). With autoimmune conditions that blood flow is frequently off--red and infrared light restore normal blood flow to the thyroid.
  • In mice, red and infrared light exposure increase T3 and T4 levels (R). Unfortunately, that effect has not yet been demonstrated in human beings. Nevertheless, many people with thyroid issues consider red and infrared light exposure life-saving. A study in rabbits shows a similar pattern, so a similar result in humans is possible (R).


Most of these effects were actually tested with red and infrared lasers or LED panels. The increase in T4 and T3 hormones is very promising nonetheless. Very few modalities exist by which you can increase thyroid hormone levels without prescription medication.


The results of these studies can nevertheless be extrapolated to morning sunlight because the sun emits the same types of light.


Hopefully, you now realize a shocking reason why fat loss can fail: 95% of people in today’s society don’t get sufficient light exposure.


Without the right light exposure, you’re thus missing out on a big benefit for your thyroid.


What’s more, if you’re spending all day long around blue and green light you may even have a bigger problem because you’re irradiating your thyroid (the front of your neck) with blue light all day long.


A photopigment found in the skin, called “melanopsin”, is responsible for that risk (RR). Excessive blue light exposure has effects that are oftentimes opposite to red and infrared light.

You thus need to protect yourself against excessive blue light exposure - so protect yourself by wearing long sleeve clothes after sunset.


And I’m not done yet regarding fat loss. Red and infrared light have more far-reaching consequences for fat loss besides the thyroid:

Other Fat Loss Mechanisms

Surprise:: red and infrared light also stimulate fat loss independent from their effects on the thyroid.


To be specific, red light and infrared light affect fat loss in the body at a systemic level (RR). The theory is currently that light allows more fat to be released from cells, which subsequently increase fat burning.


Another theory is that fat cells themselves are destroyed, which releases fatty acids into the bloodstream.


Some studies even suggested that red and infrared light could reduce fat at specific places of the body, but that idea has been thoroughly debunked (RR). Fat loss accomplished through light exposure is thus spread throughout the human body.

So if you carry lots of body fat around your hips, that’s where you’ll initially lose most weight. A similar pattern would be true for belly fat.


A few mechanisms by which light increases fat loss are increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering inflammation (R). The end result is really simple: you’ll remove inches from your waist and the rest of your body (RR).

Of course, it’s always best to combine that therapy with a good diet and sleep pattern. If you’re eating tons of junk food and sleeping poorly, no red and infrared light can compensate for these unhealthy habits.


And if you’d like to learn more about these topics, consider my guides on sunlight exposure and red light therapy.


Of course, always remember, nothing replaces the sun:

Displaying red sunset.jpg

Let’s first consider the specific effects of blue, green, and ultraviolet light:

Blue, Green And Ultraviolet Light

Red and infrared light are not the only parts of sunlight that affect fat loss. In fact, both blue and ultraviolet light massively contribute as well.


Blue and green light help wake you up in the morning.


How? There’s a hormone called “melatonin”. Blue and green light exposure to the eye suppresses melatonin production in your brain...
You need melatonin to sleep quickly, stay asleep, and have tons of deep sleep during the night (RRR). Deep sleep is one of the phases in which you truly recover, together with the dream phase.


During the morning time, however, blue and green light need to tell your body it’s time to wake up. At that time you need low melatonin levels.


Through light exposure, the circadian rhythm I’ve talked about before thus needs to get an impulse that it’s daytime.


That circadian rhythm is extremely important for fat loss, as disruptions are associated (and probably causally responsible) for insulin resistance, obesity, excessive hunger hormones, poor food choices, and more (RRRRRRRRR).

Sleep is thus fundamental to avoiding obesity. And contrary to what you’d expect, your actions in the morning time already affect your sleep at night.


So you may think: “where does ultraviolet light come in?”


Easy: ultraviolet light is only added later in the day. At first, the ultraviolet light emitted by the sun does not yet reach the earth’s surface. Once the sun gets higher up in the sky ultraviolet light enters the picture.

Ultraviolet light is especially important for boosting dopamine and serotonin in your brain (RR) The eye is once again the main mechanism of action. Dopamine makes you assertive, happy, and motivated - also aiding abstract thought and your imagination.

That serotonin is also converted into melatonin at night again. So sunlight exposure during the day equals better sleep at night.


Takaway: get your morning sun to program your brain for fat loss.

Lastly, that light also affects your resting metabolic rate:

Resting Metabolic Rate And Light

Remember I talked about resting metabolic rate before - the calories you’re burning 24-7 independent of your activity level?

That resting metabolic rate increases with better sleep and decreases with long-term sleep deprivation (RR). What’s even worse is that if you do eat too little while you’re sleep deprived, you’re more prone to lose muscle mass instead of body fat.


Remember that resting metabolic rate is closely tied to thyroid function. So if the light in your environment affects resting metabolic rate through the circadian rhythm, it also likely affects thyroid function.


Surprise, surprise:

The light in your environment does affect sleep quality. Greater bright light exposure during the day improves sleep quality at night (RRR). Through that improvement in circadian rhythm functioning, thyroid function is thus hypothetically also affected.

Takeaway? Sleep well to burn more calories!

So let’s now look at how to use morning sunlight exposure:

Implementing Morning Sunlight In Your Life

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Morning sunlight.


This step is really easy:


Before you leave the house in the morning, make sure to get at least a few minutes of sunlight exposure. Three minutes is the minimum, but more is better. Get as naked as you can without the cops arresting you. Yes, even your private parts need sunlight exposure (if possible).


If you cannot be naked, try a Kikini tan through swimwear. With Kikini pieces of clothing about 20% of the sunlight still reaches your private parts. While the solution is not perfect, it’s the best you can do in an imperfect world that doesn’t universally value sunlight exposure (yet).


And by the way: no sunglasses or sunscreen allowed.


With sunglasses, your brain never gets the impulse that it’s morning time. And sunscreen contains many harmful chemicals while blocking healthy levels of ultraviolet light from reaching your skin and forming vitamin D (RR).


If you insist on wearing “sunglasses”, then wear some blue blocking glasses at night. That’s right, glasses that block light are best only worn indoors. So grab a pair of these glasses and sleep better tonight.


And read up more about sunlight exposure on Primalhacker as well.


So let’s finally conclude:


I know what you’re thinking: “why didn’t anyone tell me about morning sunlight and fat loss earlier?”


Well, the transition towards considering the effects of light on health has only really taken off in the last decade.

Sure, lots of important research was already done in the 1950s and 60s, but the field only really took off after the year 2000.


And now information is slowly trickling out. The effects of morning sunlight can be very dramatic for fat loss, because even people on thyroid medication may experience massive benefits.


The strategy is also very simple: just get your morning sun every single day. Get more sun in the afternoon if you want bonus points. Don’t burn.


And if getting sun is “impossible” for you, get a red light therapy device. Primalhacker offers many options in that domain.

No need to let your thyroid hinder your fat loss efforts that require so much sweat and tears. You deserve the best. And you should and will get the best now...

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I used to be one of those people. 

I went to bed at 8pm, read a book till 10pm and then turned out the lights. 

Immediately my head would ramp up and spit out thought after thought. At 2am, frustrated and anxious I would feel like screaming. 

Finally, I found a solution that worked for me. 

I mixed 5-HTP (hydroxtryptophan) with collagen and some water, drank it down and fell asleep. 

I would keep this solution next to my bed for most nights when I couldn't sleep. 

It worked like a charm. 

But it was an unbalanced formula and I had heard that it would eventually burn out my neurotransmitters. So the goal was to use it only a couple times a week. 

I wanted to use it every single day. Because it worked. 

Whenever you take a supplement to sleep, you want to make sure its balanced. 

Taking 5-HTP with collagen wasn't balanced. I had to ensure I took time off every so often to allow my neurotransmitters to re-balance naturally. 

I didn't have the time back then to find a truly balanced formula to help with sleep, but there's now a company that has! 

I'm going to tell you about a new sleep formula called NIGHT that works and was designed by formulators diving deep into the science of biochemistry to ensure its balanced and effective. 

But first.... 

If You Can't Sleep, Try This

Remember, I found a solution to my sleep issues. It was taking 5-HTP and collagen with water. 

This did nothing for my active mind at night. But it definitely allowed me to sleep. 

With more sleep, I had less brain fog and more focused attention. 

I spent a ton of time researching about biohacking, eventually training with Dave Asprey and his team in the first class of bulletproof coaches. 

I learned two things I was doing wrong. One of them from Dave and one from Dr Jack Kruse. 

1. Do the inner emotional work. 

Part of my problem was that I had unresolved emotional issues.. don't we all. But I was actively avoiding dealing with them. I didn't want to talk to anyone about it because I thought people would think I was stupid or broken. My ego was in full force preventing me from living the life I wanted to and of course preventing me from sleeping well. 

Other articles on this blog, and on our newsletter, if you sign up, discuss how I dealt with this part. 

Please start here before relying on a supplement. A supplement will absolutely help, and I find they are valuable while doing the inner work, and then you can wean off all supplements later on.

For you, do the inner work. It will help you sleep. 

2. Block Blue Light After Dark. 

I learned so much about light in those early years it was like drinking from a fire hose. 

When I finally implemented the strategies, my sleep was FOREVER changed. 

I started wearing blue light blocking glasses and my entire world changed. 

I was able to sleep!

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This is SOOOOO important. If you haven't bought a pair of blueblockers, do this first. 

Next, work on the emotional issues, and if you need a supplement to help, get that while doing the inner work! 

Sometimes You Need Extra Support

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Each of these is modified in the body to become serotonin, which is converted to melatonin. 

5-HTP and tryptophan have been shown to decrease anxiety and to aid with sleep. 

Which should be obvious because melatonin is the hormone of sleep. 

Most people are wildly deficient in melatonin. 

This is because light at night destroys melatonin. And most of you are not blocking light at night by wearing blueblocking glasses. 

So you destroy your melatonin. 

Taking a supplement with tryptophan gives your body the precursor to the hormone you are losing by playing on your phone after dark. 

Qualia Night is the pre-built supplement that was designed to help you sleep. You can try it out and save using discount code PRIMALMIND. 

Qualia Night Benefits

L Theanine and Sleep

 Let's take a closer look at the other ingredients. 

L-theanine is associated with relaxation, focus and sleep. 

It's a key compound in green tea. Paired with caffeine, it takes away the caffeine jitters and provides a calm focus. 

At night it can help you relax and sleep better. It has been shown to boost GABA and reduce excitatory neurotransmitters.

Here's an article describing some of the studies showing these effects. 

White Peony

 White peony is one of the oldest remedies in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used for everything from reducing anxiety to helping with sleep, anxiety, depression, and autoimmune issues. 


This is a compound from rice bran oil.

There really isn't a ton of studies on this compound yet. It has been used for anxiety and also building lean muscle. Some people use it to boost mental performance and athletic performance. Because not a ton of research has been performed, there isn't a lot of scientific data backing this up, but data from people who use it agree that it is effective. 


Uridine is a naturally occurring nucleic acid that plays a key role in many different neuroregulatory processes. It is believed to support short and long term memory, learning, attention, and executive function.


  • Uridine plays a key role in phospholipid synthesis, critical for cell membrane integrity
  • Acts as a novel endogenous neurotransmitter via purinergic receptors
  • Neuroprotective via its interaction with NGF and other integrins and growth factors
  • Supports synaptogenesis and neuroplasticity through increasing cerebral phosphatidylcholine levels needed to create dendrite membranes
  • Elevates dopamine without downregulation
  • Building block of RNA
  • Involved in long term potentiation which mediates memory and learning
  • Found in high amounts in human breast milk
  • Synergistic with choline donors, DHA, and other phospholipids

More Info:


Personally, I love this compound. On days when I'm stressed, I'll take 4 tablets of Ashwagandha before bed. 

It's an adaptogenic herb and helps your body de-stress if its stressed or gain more energy if you need more energy. 

This herb has been in use for over 3,000 years and is well used in ayurved. 

It has been shown to reduce blood sugar, may have anti-cancer properties, may reduce cortisol and anxiety, increase testosterone in men and fertility in women, and increase lean muscle gain. 

Here Are The Other Ingredients

Qualia Night ingredients

I'm Using this for the Next Month 

 Neurohacker holds Beta tests to determine how effective their formulas are. They tweak the formulas based on the tests. I was not part of the SLEEP beta test, and so now that it's launched Ill be trying out for a month. 

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My Results

Stay tuned as I update this each week and compare against my previous sleep without Qualia Night

Light Protocol for Night Shift Workers (and New Moms who might well be considered night shift workers)

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When everyone else is sleeping.  Zzzzzzzzzz……

Maybe you consider yourself a night owl.

Maybe you love the lonlieness of the night.

Perhaps you just need the extra money.

Or in many cases, you’re a new Mom and you HAVE to be up, all hours of the night. AND the day too!


Well, I’ve got news for all of you lovely owls. Hoot hoot.

Humans are not nocturnal creatures.

That’s right. We belong in the SUN.

Nocturnal creatures have biology specifically designed to take the universe at night. We humans do not.

Sadly, those of us who like the cavort all night and sleep the day away are working against their biology.

In fact, light at night, referred to as ALAN (Artificial Light At Night) is associated with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Yikes!

We have developed a protocol for night shift workers based on tons of requests.

None of this protocol is well researched in the literature because all literature is focused on the fact that daytime living is best for humans. We hear all about the dangers of living at night and being immersed in artificial light and technology. Based on this information, we attempt to come up with a way to trick your body into reversing day for night while maintaining your health. We honestly don’t know if this will work, but its our best guess based on our knowledge of how the body works with light.


Light at Night is Not Designed for Humans

Humans are designed to be sleeping when it’s dark. Yep, even at 5pm in the winter.

Regardless of how society has been set up to drain you, your body is supposed to be asleep during the nighttime phase on our planet.

Countless studies show how staying up past dark is detrimental to our health.

We lose the benefits of melatonin, the body’s master anticancer hormone.

We unsync our circadian rhythm which is associated with a host of diseases.

Harvard Medical School had a nice article recently on the Dark Side of light at night. 

Even eating after dark is associated with increased obesity. The Gremlins movie had it right, don’t feed your cells after dark!

Gremlin eating after dark

What The Heck Do I Do?


Do you have your towel?

Good, then let’s get started.

While working at night is not healthy, if you must do it, then it’s a good idea to implement as many strategies as you can to make it better.

The first thing you have to do is understand a little more about your body and about the Earth in order to find the optimal way to work at night.

Clocks are the Key

Our journey into the night must start with the dawn!

Part of the reason working at night is so darn harmful is because we miss the natural cues from the sun telling our body what time it is.

That’s right, our body is like a giant clock. Each and every cell in our body has a clock in it.

Our body clocks are set by the sun via special receptors in the eye.

When we don’t see the sun and instead see artificial light by staying inside, or worse yet, sleep through the dawn, then we confuse our body.

If you are going to sleep at dawn it’s probably best to attempt to reset your clocks to think dawn is dusk.

Then around dusk, when you are getting ready for work, you will have to trick your body into thinking dusk is dawn.

Go outside within 30 minutes of dawn.

If you’re still at work, take a “smoke” break or bathroom break and get outside even for a few minutes.

Block Blue

During the daytime, after you see sunrise, put on a pair of blueblockers and cover your skin to the light.

Your eyes and skin read the light environment and will tell your body it’s daytime.

But you want to go to bed.

Get home and black out your bedroom.

Use blackout curtains or put tonfoil in your windows to block the light (it works).

Keep your blueblockers on and avoid using lights at home if at all possible.

We use RED LIGHTS (Discount Code SLEEP) at home when it should be dark as the body doesn’t react to red lights like it does blue. And remember that nearly all LEDs, CFLs, incandescent, and halogen lights have enough blue in them to disrupt your circadian rhythm.

You are trying to get your melatonin to release. It wont do that if you see blue light.

Go to sleep!

Get a Magnetico

When you go to bed, it’s best to sleep on a huge magnetic field.

Our belief is that the Earth used to have a wayyyy stronger magnetic field years ago and it’s been getting weaker for so long that it’s near zero now.

The magnetic field can help heal our bodies.

But it’s basically disappeared.

Also, if you’re sleeping during the day, the field is lower anyway.

On Earth, the electric field, created by the sun is higher. At night, the magnetic field is higher.

By sleeping on a Magnetico you mimic the natural magnetic field present years ago and at night.

You can watch Dr Bonlie HERE talking about this effect.

Stop Eating!

Don’t eat within 3 hours of your bedtime.

You want to go to sleep without food digesting in your stomach.

Our own research, using an Oura ring sleep data for many years, has shown that meals close to bedtime disrupt deep sleep.

Deep sleep is the time when the body repairs itself. You want as much of that as you can get.

Our deep sleep went from near 2 hours a night to less than an hour a night and sometimes down to 20 minutes if we ate too close to bedtime.

No Technology

This should be obvious by now. Put away the tech.

Technology can disrupt circadian rhythm from the EMF given off by most tech.

In addition, it can be stimulating and make it harder for many people to fall asleep.

Read a book in front of your red light (discount code SLEEP).

Then hit the hay.

Wake up and see the sun

Get up and get outside.

Sensible sun exposure increases vitamin D synthesized by the skin.

Low vitamin D status is associated with so many diseases I don’t even want to list them all. You can search here for many of them.

Because the sun is the BEST source of vitamin D, get outside with as few clothes on as possible and soak up some D.

Don’t wear your blueblockers, sunglasses, glasses, contacts, or sun screen. Get some sun. Be sensible about it and start slow if you haven’t been out much.


We recommend you stand outside barefoot where it’s safe to do so.

Being connected to the ground may reduce inflammation and increase your energy.

You just can’t substitute real sun and the Earth for any artificial construct.


Sunset and Breaking your Fast

Try to time your first meal around sunset.

Sunset is sunrise to you.

Most humans break their fast at sunrise (breakfast).

First we see the sunrise, then we eat.

Eyes covered at work

If possible wear daytime blueblockers or nighttime blueblockers.

You are surrounded by artificial light.

This light has been clearly shown to cause harm after sunset.

You want to let some of it in to keep you alert and awake, but not a constant bombardment.

Wear your blueblockers about half the time if you are able to and keep them off the other half.

If you work on a laptop all night, use an app like Iris.


You must learn to reverse day and night and try to mimic a true 24 hour cycle of light and dark, but in reverse of the actual light and dark on our planet.

While this isn’t ideal, it’s your best bet to survive night shift until you can start sleeping like a non-nocturnal animal again.



Here are a few things you might not know about near infrared saunas

Have you ever heard of “COLOR THERAPY”?

“Red near infrared lamps emit mostly orange, and yellow light. Colored light therapy (chromotherapy) is a time honored modality. The orange, and yellow light have been linked to moving energy downwards to the most needy chakras. Red Infra light has been found to stimulate the adrenals, testes, ovaries, and growth. Orange light stimulates the intestines, liver, pancreas, and assimilation. Yellow stimulates the spleen, stomach, and digestion. Healing and detoxification may be enhanced.” 

Not only are you stimulating lower chakras but also your imagination.  The colors of the sunrise and sunset feed the nervous system as well.  We use the sauna in the morning for meditation.  There is something very primal about being naked in a warm protected space that heightens your imagination.  EYES CLOSED ;)  Using the sauna and color therapy your body will start to understand the Language of Light and how it can add another layer of healing to your daily morning ritual.   

sunset at night

Winter is a time for introspection, falling into yourself as creator of so many things, in our modern world, we forget to slow down.  Sometimes creating nothing and sitting still is the thing necessary for our survival.  We all have seasons and cycles.  Using winter cycles to create more down time, more reading time (yes books, with pages) limiting screen time, snuggling with your family or pets, taking slow walks, setting morning rituals, reflection and meditation in the sauna, cryotherapy, and then sleep more! 

If you are looking for ways to improve your health and longevity check out the sauna space website they have so much great information.  If you have been on the fence about putting a sauna in your home, use the 20%OFF link we have provided.  

There are so many reasons to sauna, and sauna space has innovated these aesthetically beautiful works of art to fit in our homes and our modern lives.

 Try some color therapy! Your lower chakra will thank you!!! + Learn another language

saunaspace sauna in a room

The Language of Light!

We use our sauna space …(Message us for 10% discount)

  1. After workout
  2. Before and after cryotherapy
  3.  In the morning for meditation
  4. Cacao ceremony
  5. Alone time
  6. Reading space (we have a large family) haha

Peace and love this hibernation season!

Get some sleep, 

Team Primalhacker

“Remotes" to add and delete that create a healthy home habitat

What the heck are you talking about?  What is a WIFI Remote you say?

Well leaving your WIFI on in your home all day could be compromising your health, especially while you are sleeping.  Wifi remotes and timers are very helpful tools to help keep your family’s habitat a healthy one. 

Using a WIFI remote can make the transition from a constant EMF environment to a healthy one easier than you think.  

We started using the remote to turn wifi off at night.  Now we even use them to turn on and off our dining room lights as well.  

*Side note: Our lights are all red light, because we are weird, yes and we have replaced all our regular lights with red bulbs.  We don’t do anything half-ass I guess. Creating a healthy habitat is very important to us.  So we use a Gembared light (Discount Code SLEEP) in our dining room and living room and use one of our remotes to turn on and off the light conveniently. We tack the remote to the wall with 3M command strips. 


  • Eliminated EMF exposure in our living/ sleeping habitat
  • Created a healing light environment
  • Disconnected from anything that doesn’t align with our spirit/Higher self


DO- use a WIFI Remote (Click here) to turn OFF WIFI every night.  You can get one for free on us at  We lowered the price of these remotes just so everyone can get one. We are selling them for the exact cost we pay for them and shipping them to everyone for free. 

DO- Ditch TV Remotes... and TV altogether.  TV is a way people manipulate and enact mind controls without you knowing.   Find alternative sources of information, podcasts, underground sources, read more!  TV See our blog post about why we are boycotting all things Hollywood and Disney and you will learn why. 

eye in the tv 

This photo says it all. The image is Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) album cover based on Neil Postman’s “Amusing ourselves to Death” book. “Originally published in 1985, Neil Postman's groundbreaking polemic about the corrosive effects of television on our politics and public discourse has been hailed as a twenty-first-century book published in the twentieth century”.  Something to think about?  

We also do not give our children access to video games and we talk to them about violence and how our world is a place for peace.  There are dark forces that want you to think otherwise. We recommend reading to them books how to uplift your spirit. “The flower of life” is one of our homeschool textbooks.  

DO - Working REMOTELY can be a really good thing.  We do it all day everyday, why? Because we get to control our environment.  At Primalhacker we are the Environmental/habitat Health and wellness gurus. The junk light and high EMF environment is most corporate offices, schools and small businesses are off the charts.  The high flicker fluorescent lights and the shower of EMF (wifi, computers, cellphones…) DO NOT CREATE A healthy habitat for a human.  We are better off being able to control home based working spaces. Think about the school environment we put our kids in….yikes, its bad folks, like wifi routers in every room? Why?  

Irony 101: Why don’t schools know this stuff when we send our kids there to “Learn?” Junk light and high EMFs, this is not a healthy environment that encourage learning from a biological standpoint.  

DO- Consider Remote viewing perspectives.  Conspiracy crew, you'll love this! if you don’t already know.  Check out Allgire and his drawings.  

Remote viewing is another angle to information if you haven’t heard of it.

  “A remote viewer is able to gain information about faraway, unseen people, events or locations that are unknown to them. They can witness events they aren’t present for; hear conversations between people out of earshot; and visit locations they’ve never been to. By sending their mind rather than their body to see and feel exactly what is happening, they can report findings back to others.” 

Do- work REMOTE from sunnier locations.  For folks in the northern countries and northern states.  If you can work remotely from southern climates during the winter months can boost your immune system.  Dr Jack Kruse recommends this prescription: Taking 2 trips per year during the winter to the latitude as close to the equator as possible for 2-3 days in the sun.  This will build your Vitamin D stores for up to 4-6 weeks. This can help you get through until spring when the UV is strong enough for us to actually begin to make Vitamin D again.   It's a much healthier alternative to prescription meds (antidepressants).

Traveling also let’s you gain broader perspectives.  


DON’T-forget to turn off WIFI at night, this is the time your body needs for restoration.  NEVER SLEEP WITH WIFI ON!

DON’T- Waste your life being programmed by mainstream media and TV.  Find alternative sources of information, know your sources, consider underground news or remote viewing?  Don’t give your family access to violence on TV or video games. There is no place for violence in our world.  Boycott anything violent, Hollywood and DIsney for sure! More on Disney.

DON’T -Forget to take sunshine & movement breaks throughout the day when working Remotely from home or Remote away from home. 

DON’T - Use a Smart remote, or anything Labeled “Smart” in your home.  It will literally make you dumb. All the smart products are meant to surveil you and your family making you an easy marketing target.  

DON’T- Trust most things  you’ve ever been taught in school, question everything!  Find ways to uplift your spirit/higher self. You know the answers, you know more than you think.  

We love sharing everything we are learning with you.  Please share, like, comment. Let us know anything else you are curious about. 

Hope your days are filled with miracles.

Peace and love


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Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is NOT What You Think

You wanted more conspiracy theory?  You got it!

After learning so much about what happens in the world. 

We, THADDEUS AND TOMORROW AT PRIMALHACKER.  Have decided to BOYCOTTt ALL THINGS HOLLYWOOD AND DISNEY.  Now that the google veil has been lifted search it up yourself. Here is a link for the movie that explains a lot of what we are talking about here, and solidifies our decision. 

Here’s why

Take a look at these photos and see for yourself. This is not OK, These people are NOT COOL.


Did you know Walt Disney, a 33rd level mason, obtained the Florida Disney property thanks to the CIA

There are dark forces in this world and we have all been blinded and mind controlled.  

 After studying many books on spirit and “TRUTH TALK” we are going to Seek all things LIGHT AND LOVE and keep a clean visual/audio Environment.  

We always encourage everyone to do their own research.  

To better protect our family and our SPIRIT, we are dedicated to raise our vibration, that also means our visual and audio ENVIRONMENT as they have been hacked and manipulated by the Producers!  You are going to be hearing a lot more about ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH from us.    

Health isn’t just what you hear about nutrition and movement.  It’s the totality of all the information your mind is (biological supercomputer) is constantly decoding.  Every moment there are 40 million frequencies your mind is picking up, the mind can only decode 11 million of them.  Movie makers know this. David Icke Explains this in his book “Everything you need to know but have never been told.”   

“Hollywood is a global programming operation and has been used since its inception to mass download perceptions of people, world events and history that suits the prevailing order.  Part of this is the technique known as preemptive programming where you employ futuristic storylines and images to make the subconscious familiar with them. Nearly all the movies involve expteme violence and nearly all are shot in semi-darkness or with a dark tinge to the picture as with the occult programming.  

"Many  actors in Hollywood, singers and other entertainers are under trauma-based mind control to serve the mass perception -programming agenda”  Pg 235 -Icke

Cathy O'Brien or Cathleen Ann O'Brien is an American author and speaker who claims to be a victim of a government mind control program called Project Monarch which she alleges was part of the CIA's Project MKUltra  Here is another statement from her husband, Mark.  

Mark always said, “You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.” This statement is so profoundly true that Deep State/New World Order globalists attempted to control our future by strategically rewriting history in our education system, tearing down our sacred monuments, and manipulating our knowledge base through controlled media’s fake news.”  

There are sooooo many more reasons to boycott.  As parents we have been talking to our kids for years and years about violence in movies and TV.  It’s so embedded into the fabric of our society and that’s not normal or is it OK!  

Try on this opener to the Golden Globes this year.. MAJOR truth drop

among the many truthdrops in his speech to Hollywood "In this room are some of the most important TV and film executives in the world. People from every background. They all have one thing in common: They're all terrified of Ronan Farrow. He's coming for ya. Talking of all you perverts, it was a big year for pedophile movies"

Here is a list of DO’s and Don’ts when it comes to Your Family's Environmental Health

Do watch movies that lift the spirit, GAIA TV, Documentaries where you increase your knowledge base and teach you how to do things.

Research the producer of the film, see who behind the programming you are about to bring into your world of perception & environment.  

Don’t watch violent movies, never ever watch horror movies or anything “Hollywood” produced.  Including Disney. He was a 33 ranking freemason with satanic roots yikes! Look up the black pope see for yourself.  

Do talk/teach your children & family about violence in the media, movies, and video games.  Explain to them that dark forces want to bring darkness/chaos and stress into your homes through these channels.  Why is that ok? What can you do to minimize violence in your own home starting with YOU?  

Don’t give your children access to violent games at any age.  Access is the key word here. If you have it in your home they will play it.  If you get rid of it they may be able to go to the friends house, but you will cut that time in half starting with your home.  Talk to friends' parents about getting rid of the violence plan. Just planting seeds. Creating an atmosphere of sacred peaceful space is a great start.  

Do REPLACE TV WITH NATURE cleanse your spirit with a forest bath or walk in nature everyday.  If you do this, kids will follow. Make it a priority and a habit.  

Read more books, although be weary of history books.  They were only written by the victors and white men. They need to be rewritten.  Zinn’s book “People’s History of the United States” is a good place to start, a perspective from minorities and women/children.  We will be making a list of books we recommend to UPGRADE YOUR SPIRIT as well.  

Don’t watch TV daily or the mainstream media news!  *We only have one (TV) in our home that our kids have access to.  We don’t ever PAY for cable. They can only use it sparingly with our permission for programs that lift and enlighten.  

Find news that isn't owned by the CIA or one of only 6 mega corporations.

Find alternative sources of information or stay away from it altogether.  Take a deep Spirit cleanse.  

Do Pass on this information to all your friends and family.  Talk openly about it. Share and teach your kids about all of this.  If anyone rejects its….its just a natural progression of humans, called cognitive dissonance.   This occurs when a person holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values, or participates in an action that goes against one of these three, and experiences psychological stress because of that.  

Don’t sit inside and waste your life watching “MIND CONTROL” TV.  Know your sources. Research yourself. 

Here is another quote from David Icke.

“Our entire media outlets in the United States are owned by just 6 corporations, News Corp, Viacom, Time Warner, Disney, CBS Corp and NBC.  Go deep enough in the Web and all 6 will be controlled by the same hidden network. A tiny number of Web-connected people own the global media, “entertainment’ industry- INCLUDING HOLLYWOOD, and the Internet.  You see different television and radio channels, newspapers and magazines on every subject you can imagine and there seems to be endless choice from apparently independent sources; but research into how few ultimately own them all and you will be shocked.  Icke has exposed more about this in his two books “HUMAN RACE GET OFF YOUR KNEES and THE PERCEPTION DECEPTION.   

In conclusion, Primalhacker will not be supporting anything produced by “Hollywood” or Disney or any other sources unless we research the producer and know where our information is sourced.  It’s almost like how we talk about nutrition, eat seasonal, locally sourced. Begin by sourcing your ENVIRONMENT! Mostly organic, local high spirit sourced information is the new diet fad yall. 



WiFi is Destroying Your Sleep and How to Fix it

Let’s face it, sleep is absolutely critical.

If you’re reading this email you’ll also be immersed in media fear and controversy over the global pandemic situation.

Well, guess what?

Regardless of whether you think the pandemic will affect you, we absolutely know that sleep boost immunity better than any drug or supplement.

Sleep boosts immunity and protects you from disease. In addition, ensuring your body is maximally set into a system of repair instead of break down is critical, especially in this time of chaos.

But WAIT.. do you have your Wifi on all night while you sleep?

This is a big problem. You see, we pretty much know that wifi is damaging to our bodies and when we sleep can interfere with the benefits of sleep.

You don’t really believe that Wifi is damaging?

Well, out of the billions of frequencies, why did they choose 2.4GHz for wifi?

It just so happens that this frequency interacts with water in our body and causes our cells to dehydrate.

Ok, so maybe you don’t understand that.

Let’s make it a little clearer.  Go to your WiFi router and look at what frequency it broadcasts on. You can do this online too.. just look it up. It’s 2.4 – 2.45GHz.  Some routers will also run off 5GHz. That’s not 5G as in the new tech role out, but 5GHz which is a different thing completely.

OK, now I want you to go look at your microwave oven. Or look this up online for all those of you smart people who have no microwave. What frequency does your microwave oven use?

Unbelievably it’s 2.4 GHz!!!!!

Wait, what?

The microwave oven, that heats up your food, and that you would NEVER stick your head inside of and turn on uses the EXACT same frequency as your WiFi router spreading invisible waves throughout your entire house 24/7.

This sure seems odd to me.

Microwaves use the exact frequency that maximally affects water to be efficient cookers.

And for some reason the wireless companies chose this same frequency to put in your router. Weird, right?

What happens when you put a steak in the microwave and turn it on?

It gets dehydrated right?

What happens to your cells in your body all day long when you bathe in wifi microwaves of the exact same frequency as the microwave oven?

In addition, Wifi causes oxidative damage in our cells. All night long for those of you leaving wifi on all night.

Here’s just sample of some studies, because everyone always asks, “where’s the study for that?”  - you know, we don’t always need studies to prove something is harming you and frankly if the wireless companies and mind control organizations think microwaves are the perfect interface for human control, then the data showing harm will be pretty sparse.


“Melatonin has been considered a potent antioxidant that detoxifies a variety of reactive oxygen species in many pathophysiological states of eye. The present study was designed to determine the effects of Wi-Fi exposure on the lens oxidant, antioxidant redox systems, as well as the possible protective effects of melatonin on the lens injury induced by electromagnetic radiation (EMR).” Indian Journal of Opthamalogy Effects of melatonin on Wi-Fi-induced oxidative stress in lens of rats


“There are poor oxidative toxic effects of one hour of Wi-Fi exposure on the lens in the animals. However, melatonin supplementation in the lens seems to have protective effects “ – Huh…. Wifi harms our eyes.. that doesn’t sound good.


And this article

“Even a phone set to the lowest level of light could still cause the same suppression of melatonin as a fully lit phone. That’s because the reduced creation of melatonin before bed might actually be caused by the electromagnetic frequency being given off from your cellphone as it receives and emits information through a 4G network or wifi. Your brain mistakes this information for light, which causes your brain to reduce the levels of melatonin it creates.” - Pineal melatonin level disruption in humans due to electromagnetic fields


Sleep affects immune system.

And finally this study:
Sleep and the circadian system exert a strong regulatory influence on immune functions.”


Ok, so turn your darn WiFi off every single night.. because you want a strong immune system and you want good sleep.

About 5 years ago I came out with this video on my old YouTube channel. It was a really simple video about turning off your wifi at night with a remote control. It got OVER 200,000 views!!! Wow!! This was WOO WOO science back then..

There were A LOT of people interested in turning off WIFI.. I even got hundreds of comments. And honestly, I never read any of them because I changed over to the Primalhacker Youtube channel and never looked back at my old channel…oops.

Well, I wanted to make wifi remotes cheaper for everyone.

You can buy a remote on Amazon and that’s been my advice for years.

However, I went out and sourced some remotes and I’m offering them on my website now.  IN this time of chaos, I want everyone to turn off their WiFi every single night.

Here’s what you can do

Plug your wifi router into THIS remote control system. Place the remote on your bed on stairway or hallway and turn off the wifi when you go to sleep with the remote. Turn it back on when you wake up. Super Simple!!

BTW – we decided to make these available as cheap as we possible could!!

Right now we have made these essentially free if you pay shipping and handling!!  That’s $11 for the remote control including shipping (US continental only) Until we run out. $11 is what I paid for these myself, so I’m actually losing the shipping to you and the shipping I paid to have them originally shipped to me. I think it’s too important right now to let everyone microwave themselves…

Take advantage of this and get your “free” wifi remote control click RIGHT



Also, use code PRIMAL10 to take 10% off anything else in our store.





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