Biohacker Package

Biohacker Package


Are you a biohacker? Do you know a new biohacker?

You can't call yourself a biohacker without these critical tools!

Blue light blocking glasses are the absolute minimum you'll need AND they make a noticeable difference. 

Supplements aren't always something we notice when we take them or not, but these glasses make such a difference that it's been 3 years since Tomorrow and I have been without them at night. We DO notice a difference without them and we bet you will too!


the cellphone pouch allows you the only true way to stop your phone from tracking you. Once stores begin beaming ads right to your phone while you're in the store, and tracking your movements to build a better customer profile of you, you'll want protection. 

What Every Biohacker needs to start! Blue light blocking glasses and a cellphone pouch.

-Choose from Archer or UltraViolet glasses with amber lens for after sunset

-UltraViolet glasses with honey lens for daytime/Computer

-Faraday cellphone pouch