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All Inclusive Shamanic Tools Pyramid Retreat

All Inclusive Shamanic Tools Pyramid Retreat

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Stressed?  Anxious?  Overwhelmed?

Come learn the tools of the Neo-Shaman for a therapeutic reset and rejuvenation.

Neo-Shamanic Initiation and Level 1 Certification - The Neo-Shamanic Toolbox Part 1. 

Earth Grid Work

Build Your Own Stem Cells, Naturally

Relaxing Guided Breathwork for CALM

Relaxing Yoga and Qigong

Crystal Healing and Intention

Learn the Tools of the Neo-Shaman

and more...

Return home rejuvenated and take home practices to boost your calm and increase your longevity. 

This is a non-psychedelic Shamanic retreat. The tools you will learn are all unassisted by entheogens (plant psychedelics).

Taking place in November 2024, in Mexico, this Vacation MASTERMIND takes you to the healing waters of the Yucatan and the Jungle Ruins of the Mayans. 

With the Old systems breaking down around us, use this time to learn and experience how to create health from within and work with the energies of the New Earth.

Healing activations.

Learn how to keep your body and mind in top shape to engage with whatever comes next. 

During this retreat, you will learn from experienced practitioners and explore a variety of techniques and practices that will help you connect with the energies of the New Earth and tap into your true potential.

Through guided breathwork, photonic chamber clearings, light technology sessions, optional juice fast (included),you will be renewed. 

Our retreat is held in a natural and serene environment, providing the perfect setting for your vacation journey. You will have the opportunity to connect with the elements, experience the healing power of the earth, and create a deeper sense of connection with the universe and your true potential.


You can pay for this over 1 year by choosing SHOP PAY when you check out for 4 interest free payments scheduled for up to 12 months. 

Down payments are not refundable after 2 weeks from purchase. 

Your TICKET is for the Retreat ONLY and does not include ROOM, BOARD, TRANSPORT. Please book your own all inclusive room at the following: 


 November 2024 Check in     Check out,   2024

Special Classes for all Participants 

  • Daily movement class
  • Guided , curated breathwork set to music
  • Healing light sessions
  • Anchoring light in the earth
  • Anchoring light in the digital space for healing
  • Pyramid power
  • Manifestation 101
  • Neo-Shamanic Toolbox Part 1 Certification
  • more....

Sacred Geometry and Pyramid Power 
The tetrahedron is the most stable construction known, just look at the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and Asia for example … thousands of years and still standing! The triangular symmetry has a positive effect on the human energy field, easing physical functions and enhancing sleep quality. The combination of an energetic space that promotes restful sleep and deep relaxation is a holiday trifecta. EMF radiation from electronic devices and systems is greatly reduced.

We know you will love your time with us at Pyramids In Florida!


Your ticket includes a 3 days juice fast and lodging. It does not include additional food or transport. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the juice fast or to bring extra meals, snacks or whatever supports you best. All lodging includes full kitchens.

You are responsible for transportation to and from the Pyramids. 

A Shared room means you share a bedroom with another. If you are coming with someone and wish to share a bedroom, choose a Private room Ticket and your roommate chooses the ROOMMATE Ticket and email us your roommate's name.  

Private Bedroom - Each Pyramid is 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom pyramid. You will share the pyramid and have your own private bedroom and bathroom. 

100% Refund granted within 5 days of ticket and room purchase until March 1, 2024.
No refunds after 5 days have passed since the date of your ticket and room purchase 
No refunds after March 1, 2024. 

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