Best Ketone 5 and 10 Day Experience


Have you ever wanted to try Ketones>? 

Want to know what it feels like to be in ketosis? 

Want to see what the benefits of ketosis are for you? 

The best way to know is to try. 

You can do your research all day long and find the numerous studies about ketogenic benefits and you'll of course always read about other people's experiences. 

10 years ago, I had been listening to podcasts like Bulletproof executive and Ben Greenfield Fitness and others. 

They were constantly talking about the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet, but I had never tried it. 

I surfed the net to see what others had to say and mostly I found info from body builders and they didn't like the diet. 

At first it turned me off, but then I tried it for the first time, and I was hungry all the time and felt awful. 

Come to find out, there is a transition period to become ketogenic and many people go through something called the keto flu for about a week and then feel amazing when they get to the other side. 

Most people quit before that. 

But then I found out about exogenous ketones. Meaning you can drink ketones and get the feeling of ketosis, get the energy benefits of using ketones without being fully ketogenic. 

It was like magic. I could easily fast for hours a time, had steady energy all morning and wasn't even hungry. 

It  was so much easier to get into ketosis and stick to the diet I was on at the time. 

Now I am able to target the use of ketones to use them when I need them and I nearly always have some on hand, and certainly whenever I travel they are a must have. 

Try them out for yourself here without breaking the bank. 

5 days is a good experience time period and we'll ship them to you for free if you are in the continental US. 


5 Day Experience is 5 packets of KetoOS ketones

10 Day Experience is 10 packets of KetoOS Ketones