Welcome to the PrimalHacker Resources section, a curated list of the tools and websites we strongly recommend for optimizing your body, mind and health and overcoming our modern domesticated lifestyle.

We have tested every recommendation on this page. Many of the resources listed here are crucial to biohacking our own modern lifestyle and help us maintain or create optimal health.

Before digging into the awesome resources we know and trust, an important disclosure:

FTC Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that we have experience with all of these companies, and recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


Sometimes we need a little cognitive, creative or motivational boost. Qualia is the one nootropic that we use and recommend most often. We’ve experimented with a number of nootropics and Qualia is by far the best stack we have ever used. From sports performance to stage performance and even coming up with creative writing pieces, this is our preferred supplement boost. Ideally we’d all practice Qigong and Tai Chi to boost our minds by collecting and storing energy from the ether. And we do recommend that. But some of us just need an extra edge to get more done and create, so there’s Qualia. 

Block Blue Light

Blue light in our modern society is toxic. We've now become an indoor species, hiding from the sun. Our lighting choices inside do not mimic the natural sun that we're designed to use for optimal health. We optimized indoor light to save money and now we're paying the price. Artificial light has too much blue light and no UV, red, or infrared. Blue light is ruining our sleep and our eyes. It may even cause cancer, but certainly can cause macular degeneration and is associated with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  The benefits of blocking blue light, especially at night are well known, but finding a pair of blue blockers that don’t make people snicker behind your back was a challenge. We tested so many styles and now we can share what we've found with you!

Head out of the house in style. Raoptics, Rhythm Optics, Swannies, and Truedark make stylish glasses for every occasion. Of course, you can also use them at home to catch your favorite TV show or read a book before bed without ruining your sleep. We wear blue light blocking glasses every single night and have seen a profound effect on our sleep. 


These are our favorite because our friend, Matt Maruca is a 19 year old wizard. He's studying quantum biology and health and makes an attractive pair of blue blockers. We love supporting the work he does. (Code Primalhacker gets you 10% off)

Raoptics block all blue light and much of the green light. Both of these wavelengths can cause issues for sleep and health. Some blue blockers let in some of the blue light. And while that's fine for daytime use, and better than having no protection, it isn't ideal. Raoptics go beyond this to block all blue and even some green light, so you know your sleep is well protected.

custom ra white



Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Intermittent fasting for 12-16 hours a day has many benefits. If you want to maximize the benefits of fasting, you can take a tablespoon or two of Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil to increase blood ketone levels. Higher levels of blood ketones can provide energy and other benefits during fasting without ruining the non-fat parts of a fast. You can also use this throughout the day on salads, meat, veggies or anything really to increase ketones and energy. Combining Brain Octane with caffeine (ie coffee) has been shown to increase ketones. We use Brain Octane almost every single morning. Thrown in some Bulletproof Collagen Bars like the Lemon Cookie for a healthy snack on the go. Filled with protein, healthy fat and very low carbs, these are our go to for all travel. 

Vivo Barefoot Shoes

We searched high and low for a pair of barefoot shoes that we could wear to work, to conferences and to workout and hike in. Why? Because walking barefoot is the natural way of humans. Putting our feet into stiff shoes with heels higher than our toes is not good for our feet, our knees or our health. So many of the flat shoes on the market are either made just for running or are Converse Allstars, which are fine, but not really made to wear in a corporate work environment. We wanted to wear barefoot shoes anytime we had to put on shoes. Vivo not only makes shoes that can be worn in any activity, but they are literally the most comfortable shoes we have ever owned. We wear these almost exclusively whether we’re heading into the corporate office for the day, working out, performing tai chi or heading out on the town. They even make hiking and winter boots! Go barefoot in the city, on the plane and wherever life takes you. Coupon Code:      PRIMALV10B for 10% off!    


No one should be working out in the gym. There I said it. Gyms are filled with mold from the wet changing rooms, saunas and hot tubs to toxins off gassing from the rubberized mats and plastic equipment. The lack of natural light and toxic artificial light serve to increase injury and damage the eyes. Workout outdoors whenever possible. Sure, sometimes it’s cold in the winter, and you have to be inside. Put on some healthy lights and your Swannies and get to work in your own home. Because with Onnit Maces, Battle ropes, Indian Clubs and Kettlebells you have an entire home gym at your disposal that allows you to build massive functional strength right in your own backyard. This stuff is rugged. We leave our kettlebells and maces outdoors with no ill effect. We love the versatility. Once you learn how to use tools like kettlebells or maces, you can just throw them in the trunk of your car and workout in an instant at the park near your office or even in the parking lot while waiting for your kids to get done with sports practice.   Use the code PRIMALHACKER for 10% off of some of their products. - Does not include exercise equipment

Rhythm Optics

Rhythm optics was recently introduced to us and we love that they sell both daytime and nightime glasses. Daytime glasses, like those below are for times when you are locked in a windowless conference room or stuck on a device or laptop all day long. Make sure to take frequent breaks to head outside, without your glasses on. Natural sunlight in our eyes sets our circadian rhythm for the day. They also make some really comfortable and stylish nighttime frames. Code Primalhacker gets you 15% off. 

The Tangle Day by Rhythm Optics 1080xThe Tangle by Rhythm Optics 1080x



Swannies were one of the first blueblockers on the scene. Hats off to developer James Swanwick, who pioneered the blue blockers are sexy image. These are affordable and recently Swannies upgraded lenses to block even more blue light at night. 

Primalhacker Blueblockers

We sourced our own daytime and nighttime blueblockers. We aren't trying to compete with anyone else on the market because there are some amazing glasses out there and we use those. But for people that really truly can't afford the best blue blockers, or for families buying for their kids, we sourced some inexpensive pairs of daytime and nighttime blue blockers on our store page. The nighttime blue blockers will not block 100% of the blue light, but block 78-95% of the blue light at any one wavelength. Our glasses also aren't as easily able to be remolded to your face and have lower quality materials. This isn't the ideal blueblocker, but we felt like teenagers and others with less means needed a way to get some protection. 

Uvex Blue Blockers

These are the blueblockers that have been tested in University research studies. They block all blue light and have been shown to keep melatonin active in your system after dark. They aren't pretty, but they're cheap and I use them at home and keep a pair in my car to drive in. I swap them out for RaOptics once I reach my destination. Do not drive in RaOptics. You won't be able to see enough of the road. 

DeWalt Blue Blockers

When you absolutely want to protect yourself from Artificial Light at Night, pick up a pair of these. Not super attractive but they block all blue and all green light. In fact, you won't be able to see much, but you'll know you are protecting your eyes from any harmful light at night. They're cheap too, under $10. Great for kids and around the house. 

Appropriate Light After Dark

After Dark humans have only ever seen firelight or moonlight. 
We were never designed to see artificial, alien light from LEDs and CFLs. 

Even Incandescent can sometimes be too much, dropping our melatonin by 40%!

But red light at night, or candlelight, tells our body that it's night and allows us to function optimally. 

This redlight off Amazon works great in a typical light fixture and includes a healing wavelength of red light that people use for healing. 

I have one in my bathroom. 

Red Light At Night Heals Too

Gembared is the affordable red light therapy. Including 3 healing wavelengths of red and infrared light, this light is biohacked to reduce EMF too. EMF is non-native electric and magnetic fields that have been shown to harm our body. These guys reduced that a ton, 3rd party tested the EMF and published it on their website. If you want to biohack this even further, buy a shielded cord off amazon for even less EMF. This light is designed to be used for healing and light therapy. I use it for that and also for a light at night in my dining room and bedroom. Code PRIMALHACKER gets you a huge discount. 

Red Light at Night (Standard)

Make your home red at night. Make it a standard. We did. Even though we fall asleep each night at 730pm in the winter, we feel so good about the fact that we're protecting our mitochondria. 

No, really. Try replacing a bunch of your lights with red lights at night. Wear blue blockers when you are on technology and I bet you'll be in bed snoring by 8pm in the winter. It's amazing how our bodies know what we need. These will fit into any standard bulb socket.

Make it Dark

The absolute best light after sunset is no light! And sometimes, when everyone is in bed, I turn out all the lights. Then I have to run to another room to get something ready for the next day. Thank goodness I have this red flashlight to light my way. It won't stop my melatonin production or harm my health after dark. They're super cheap and also great for camping and hunting. 


We've all heard the benefits of sauna. Longer life, increased VO2max, increased growth hormone and more. Suana is well studied for many human benefits. Many home saunas on the market have high EMF from all the electronics and heaters in the units. Saunaspace is the only sauna designed specifically to eliminated EMF from the sauna and even makes a version that blocks EMF coming into the sauna from outside! Of course, it also still functions like a sauna, and uses red lights to heat, so you get the added benefit if extra red light to heal. It's made right here in the USA and is easy to put up by yourself and can be moved and even taken from one place to another. We are a distributor for Saunaspace, so you can contact us directly to purchase a unit at a discount, or visit our store and pick one up there. 

Let the Light in

In case you haven't figured it out we're HUGE believers in natural sunlight and it's ability to heal. So when we found a company that makes clothing to let you be naked without being naked, we had to pick up some shorts and t shirts. Cool Tan makes men's and women's tan through swimsuits and shirts. You can wear clothes and still get sun in places it doesn't usually shine. Our bodies really do need sunlight EVERYWHERE!


OMG I'm so glad we found this shoe company! Based in Boulder Colorado, they make the most affordable and comfortable and longest lasting barefoot shoe on the planet. I can't say enough how awesome their shoes are. If you are looking for affordable barefoot shoes that look and feel amazing, look no further. Road tested over 60 miles of walking in Boston and NYC in just 3 days, these stood the test and lived up to their reputation as one of THE best barefoot shoes anywhere.