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PrimalHacker Retreats allow us to share what we've learned on our Biohacking journey with all of you!

For the last 3 years, Chris and Thaddeus have been working together to find the best way to help people by sharing what they have learned through their own journey towards optimal health and wellness. 

These multi-day retreats are designed to fully immerse you in the world of biohacking combined with ancestral health. While here you will be learning from and have access to some of the most knowledgeable people in the area of health and wellness.

You'll feel right at home here whether you're a complete health and biohacker newbie or a seasoned veteran!

When you come to a PrimalHacker retreat, you will immediately feel right at home with the instructors and the other guests. We are all an extended tribe of people that are patek philippe replicas swiss made passionate about taking advantage of everything that ancestral wisdom and cutting-edge scientific research has to offer us in terms of our own health.

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While there will be a large emphasis on gaining new knowledge and learning new skills, one of the biggest draws that we have found to our retreats is by far the TRIBE it attracts. One of the tag heuer replicas swiss made best ways to become fully immersed in anything is by going through an experience with like-minded people. That's just one of the many things that our retreat have to offer.

Check out our list of scheduled retreats below to see more of the great stuff that will be happening at these particular retreats!


Using the Ketogenic diet and ancestral practices to optimize modern life. Bringing together the best minds in health in a live event.

About this Event

SIGN UP  $49.00

Each attendee will receive a goody bag full of incredible products valuing more than the cost of admission. There will be several speakers targeting optimized health practices including but not limited to: the Ketogenic Diet, biohacking, tools and techniques for better sleep, the sunlight diet, the science of supplements, and much more. You will leave the mini-conference with tools, tips, and techniques to optimize your life. There will also be ample time to ask questions after each presentation. At the conclusion of the mini-conference there will be a panel of experts to help you dial in your methods and goals.

During the event you’ll enjoy catered keto/low-carb food, biohacking tools to test and learn about, and ample time to connect with the speakers and like minded individuals in our community. You DO NOT want to miss this opportunity.


February 2020... SIGN UP HERE

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Head on over to The Points signup page to get registered for this retreat!

Price: $1500  (All inclusive - all lodging, all meals, all speakers, and events)

Heat Shock Proteins!

Cold Thermogenesis! 

XC Skiing!


Ice Hole Plunges

Join us for the healing benefits of Hot and Cold!

Speakers & Presenters


Fire and Ice: Cold Thermogenesis and Heat Shock 2020

With Thaddeus Owen, Nicolas Zahasky, Kara Zahasky and Dr. Mike T. Nelson

February 27 - March 1, 2020

Retreat Overview:

Join us for part two of this Epic retreat to experience all the health benefits and hacks of Fire and Ice in a group setting with adventurous people! Did you know Cold Thermogenesis can boost your metabolic rate and reduce inflammation and pain. It can also help you absorb more light and some halo types need cold for optimal health. Learn Wim Hof breathing to extended cold exposure and experience cold lake plunges, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and learn about cold thermogenesis protocols.

Follow cold by the glow of a fire and heat of the sauna to detox your body, increase blood flow, and reduce cortisol. Heat Shock Proteins are anti-aging and can increase muscle and reduce fat. Learn how to use a sauna for longevity and performance, redlight photobiomodulation, and how to use light to overcome lack of sunlight in the winter. Fix Seasonal Affective Disorder the right way!

During this retreat, you will experience exquisite and delicious primal meals created by our master Paleo chefs, stay in luxurious log cabins, and enjoy the beauty and peace of our quiet and snowy Northwoods.

Learn from Thaddeus with PrimalHacker and our soon to be announced line up of keynote speakers how you can embrace the cold and benefit from the burn!

What’s Included:

Registration cost is all inclusive and includes – basic lodging (upgrades available), 5-star meals prepared by renowned health and wellness chef, full-service beverages (including Dry Farm Wines and Bullet Proof Coffee), professional seminars, activities, and on-site amenities.

Every moment of each retreat is intentional and designed to care for you – body, mind, and soul. Your time at The Point will be filled with meaningful opportunities to experience and learn from sunrise to sunset. The day can start with yoga by the lake or functional exercises with our fitness team in the gym, followed by Listening to expert speakers in our main log lodge in your slippers and wrapped in a warm blanket. Afternoons will be spent in our Culinary Rx Cooking Classes where you will find time to converse, laugh, and cook with a community of adventurous learners, followed by time outdoors to enjoy a hike or taking time to relax in the sauna, and finally ending your day with a peaceful meditation by the fire.

The best part is you have unlimited access to the pristine lakes and towering trees surrounding The Point Retreats property and peninsula during your stay.






Loon Point, Pequot Lakes, MN


Biohacker Chef Nic Zahasky is bare none the top biohacking chef in the world! Outstanding food, presentation and quality!

You can contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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 Primalhacker Boundary Waters Canoe Digital Detox Retreat

The Point Retreats / PrimalHacker Ultimate Biohacking Adventure 2020

With Thaddeus Owen and Christa Rymal

June 18 - 22, 2020 -  9 Spots are available!  SIGN UP HERE

PrimalHacker and The Point Retreats join one another to create the ultimate biohacking adventure part two! Join us for 4 nights and 5 days during the 2020 Summer Solstice in the Boundary waters canoe area where you will submerse yourself in the 5 million acres of remote primeval wilderness between the Minnesota and Canadian border. We will be active as we canoe between the thousand pristine lakes and portage through the vast network of forests.

Enjoy waking to the ground underneath you, morning movement of Qigong by the lake, the sun and stars above that guide your day/night, the calm that comes from surrounding yourself in nature, the adventure of pioneering your path, the primitive Paleo style meals, and campfire conversations about the health benefits of living as our ancestors did! This trip will be the ultimate biohack as you rise with the sun, sleep under the stars, and experience a profound release from all modern intricacies (aka – no blue lights or EMF’s here).

In the wild, we confront evidence of energy greater than our own, experience a profound peace in the quiet solitude, and a freedom in being close to nature. The 8 Most Important aspects of health will naturally surround us on this trip – Sunshine, Sleep, Water, Food, Nature, Movement, Air, and Tribe.

Join our team, which consists of a holistic health expert and biohacker (Thaddeus Owen), an experienced Boundary Waters nurse (Christa Rymal) who is also certified as a Wilderness First Responder. In addition, Travis Rymal will be navigating this weekend expedition. Travis has a degree and background in Forestry. During his career working for the government he spent multiple summers working as a Wilderness Ranger in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and has lead multiple trips in both the BWCA and the Quetico. Space is limited to 5 participants.
This trip requires being adaptable to all elements of nature, activity, and adventure! Canoe, paddles, Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, backpacks, campfire chairs, first aide supplies, water filters, and food/cooking utensils will be provided. You will need to bring clothing and shoes to prepare for all elements of weather and activity and all personal items desired that can fit into your backpack and are eco-friendly. What you bring in, you will be responsible to carry in and out. We will provide a recommended list of personal supplies.

All guests need to arrive in Tofte/Lutsen, Minnesota (roughly 4.5 hours from the Twin Cities) by Friday, June 21st at 5:00pm. You are responsible for your own transportation, however, if you wish to carpool, we will keep the group informed of any ride share opportunities. Friday evening we will stay at a hotel in Lutsen, enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal together in Lutsen, and depart for our BW adventure on Saturday morning at 8:00am. We will spend Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evening in the wilderness and return to Lutsen on Tuesday late morning – early afternoon.

Cost $1200.00 – includes lodging in Lutsen or Ely on Thursday night, all meals for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday while in the Boundary waters, all necessary camping/canoeing gear, all expert Biohacking talks and tips from our expert Biohacker, and our experienced Boundary water guides leading your adventure.


Includes all gear, food, and lodging the night before.