How to Hard Wire Internet Cheaply to Reduce EMF

Posted by: Thaddeus June 30, 2018

Eliminate WiFi! How to wire your home for cell and computer use

I hope by now you have heard of EMF and the danger it poses to human health.

Seriously, this is like cigarettes back in the 1970s and 1980s. The data and research on the harmful effects of cigarettes were known and yet the public was kept ignorant while large companies continued to make huge profits. Eventually, those companies paid out huge settlements and were bought out by other companies and yet they're still around.

While we all know the danger of cigarettes and the history of cover up, we seem blind to the fact that this could ever happen again.

It couldn’t, could it?

Wait, what did we just learn about sugar?

 Is it sugar that causes obesity and other health problems or fat?

Well, we learned in 2016 that the sugar industry paid researchers to publish papers saying fat all the while trying to hide the negative effects of sugar and continue to muddy the waters.

Then there was trans fat. That’s the fat that even the US government has decided to ban from our food supply because any amount of trans fat in our diet is considered harmful. Yet, for decades, companies sold us Crisco, and hydrogenated vegetable oil telling us it was heart healthy, while in fact, it was the opposite.

healthy eating foods trans fat 600x600

Well, what about EMF?

Why don’t we know about the dangers of EMF? Is the government hiding them from us?


Even your iPhone manual tells you not to touch the phone to your body, and that includes touching it to your head while you talk on the phone!



But why wait till the evidence is public and it’s too late?

We are exposed to 10x18 more microwave radiation today than 50 years ago. That’s a lot of radiation. Combine that with radio waves, wifi, Bluetooth and you have a potent combination for mitochondrial disease and cancer.

In many cases, we can’t get away from these signals during the day because we are not in control of our work environment or our commute.

That’s why it’s so important to make your home into a sanctuary. Use your sanctuary to detox and recharge from the day.

Do These Things to Reduce EMF in Your Home

Turn your F$%&ing phone on airplane mode when you go to sleep. Are you an on call doctor? Is your wife pregnant? Then your social media notifications can wait till tomorrow

 airplane mode

Buy this Zap remote control and use it to turn off your WiFi router at night.

 zap wifi

zap wifi remote

Wire your devices directly to shielded LAN cables and disable your wifi completely. Just go into the router settings and turn off wifi, it’s pretty easy. Mine can be turned off by typing in the router address into my laptop and turning off the wifi. Otherwise, you can disable the 5G setting on the wifi. You don’t need to hire a contractor to wire your home with LAN cables through the walls either. Buy these coax cable devices to create a wired LAN connection anywhere in your home you have a coax port. 

coax LAN

Buy this iphone and Android ethernet connector.  This allows you to turn your phone on airplane mode and still get all your notifications, texts etc using a WIRED connection. Just turn on the cell service throughout the day when you need to make or receive a phone call.

Android LAN

You Can also get one for an iPad or Laptop that doesn't have an ethernet connector on it. LIke mine

Laptop LAN

Keep electronics out of your bedroom. That means nothing is plugged into the wall within 4 feet of your bed. Use battery-powered lights and alarm clocks like THESE. Or plug in a ZAP to the outlet near your bed and turn it off at night so no power is moving through cords under your bed or near your body. If you need something on like a fan, plug it into an outlet the farthest from your bed as possible.

61barmXtcFL. SX679

Get outside as much as possible and connect with the earth and sun


Think about shielding your bedroom with T98 shielding paint from Geovital, and using NOVA fabric curtains from Geovital to block outside signals from coming in your walls and windows. Alternatively, you can use lead embedded sheetrock in your bedroom or add metal siding and a metal roof to your home.


shop shielding paint t98alpha

Pick up this SaunaSpace Sauna that is tested to be the lowest EMF emitting sauna and also blocks EMF from the outside. If you are going to detox, use a shielded sauna.

pocket sauna main

You can’t mitigate all the EMF in the world, but focusing on your bedroom and home should be your main activity. It’s the one place you spend a majority of your time. We need our time asleep to rebuild ourselves from the day.

Live longer and stay optimal. You want to extend the amount of time you're healthy while you're alive.

Turn your bedroom or your whole home into a sanctuary.  

About the Author


Thaddeus began his journey outdoors, camping and fishing as a boy in the Adirondacks and Central NY forests. After a decade spent developing pharmaceutical products, he just couldn’t face another day adding terrible ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and numerous red dyes into children’s medicine. He shifted gears and engineered a successful work from home assignment following Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Workweek. From there, he was able to find a way to incorporate more movement, nature and sunshine into his work environment.

After learning about biohacking from the man who coined the term, Dave Asprey, Thaddeus healed his own anxiety, lowered his blood pressure and fixed his sleeplessness using biohacking, PrimalHacking and Qigong. He spends his free time experimenting on himself in hopes of helping others on their journey. He writes about his experiments on PrimalHacker.com. He also spends time with his two boys learning martial arts, shooting arrows at targets and hiking.  

Thaddeus is a certified Bulletproof Coach from the first ever class of coaches, holds a personal training certification, nutrition certification, Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and studied Chemical Engineering a long time ago.

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