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ABOUT Thaddeus


Thaddeus began his journey outdoors, camping and fishing as a boy in the Adirondacks and Central NY forests. After a decade spent developing pharmaceutical products, he just couldn’t face another day adding terrible ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and numerous red dyes into children’s medicine. He shifted gears and engineered a successful work from home assignment following Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Workweek. From there, he was able to find a way to incorporate more movement, nature and sunshine into his work environment.

After learning about biohacking from the man who coined the term, Dave Asprey, Thaddeus healed his own anxiety, lowered his blood pressure and fixed his sleeplessness using biohacking, PrimalHacking and Qigong. He spends his free time experimenting on himself in hopes of helping others on their journey. He writes about his experiments on PrimalHacker.com. He also spends time with his two boys learning martial arts, shooting arrows at targets and hiking.  

Thaddeus is a certified Bulletproof Coach from the first ever class of coaches, holds a personal training certification, nutrition certification, Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and studied Chemical Engineering a long time ago.


The biggest thing people say after they’ve been biohacking for a while is, “I wish I knew how much this was going to cost me.”

Often, when we realize how disconnected we are from the natural world, and how much this is affecting our health, we decide to spend all sorts of money on supplements, technology and coaches.

We want to regain our health, lose weight or just reduce our risk for disease and early death.

To make up for our lack of connection to the natural world, and to right the wrongs we feel, we fill our lives with more distraction. We become burdened with material possessions that suck up our energy and finances.

PrimalHacking is about finding The Truth.

The Truth is that your mindset will set you free.

The Truth is that sometimes you do need a coach and mentor to help you grow.

The Truth is that you need to first address your disconnection with the natural world before you begin biohacking with devices, technology and supplements.

The Truth is that some of us work full time, in places that harm our health and can’t get out of it.

In these cases, we use biohacking to make up for our poor environment when it’s beyond our control.

We don’t say our way is the only way. We don’t even think you need to spend any money on the absolute best biohacks – sunlight, good water, connection with the earth, and movement are totally Free. 



Chris began his journey outdoors foraging medicinal and edible plants, hiking, hunting and camping in the woods around his childhood home in central Indiana. After spending a few years inside a windowless office he knew he needed to be outside and started working outside as an ironworker building tall commercial buildings all around the Midwest.

After a serious accident that resulted in numerous injuries to internal organs and trauma to his brain he began to study and research ways to heal himself and make sure his body and mind was operating at peak levels. After experimenting on himself and helping family and friends to do the same he realized that optimal health and performance through biohacking and ancestral health was one of his biggest passions and decided design his life around this. PrimalHacker is the combination of those two passions.

Chris loves spending time in the woods with his four boys, foraging, practicing martial arts and exploring ways to improve all aspects of health and performance. He is a certified Bulletproof Coach from the first ever class of coaches and a certified holistic health practitioner.


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