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Each tool is critically assessed, trialed, quantified, and finally recommended to you.

We try a lot of things. Most don’t make the list.

(Here at Primalhacker, we're all about sharing products that truly enhance your biohacking journey. If you decide to purchase through our links, just know we might earn a little something to support our mission. It's all part of our commitment to help you optimize your health and vitality!)

Every solution tested, tried, proven!

Transcend your domesticated lifestyle.

Do not be a farmed human letting others tell you what to do and think.

Break out of the mold and take ownership of your life.



Biohacking is your DIY health lab. Ditch the one-size-fits-all, experiment with personalized tricks (diet, sleep, tech) based on your body's data, and hack your way to better sleep, boosted performance, and empowered, optimized you!


5 Steps to Health Freedom Masterclass (free)

Stop being a victim of the healthcare system!

If you're ready to take charge and become your own health expert, my FREE masterclass "5 Steps to Health Freedom" is your starting point.

Discover the tools and knowledge you need to break free and build unstoppable health.

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Biohacking 101

Biohacking 101

Shatter the Illusions of the Matrix  

Reclaim Ultimate Health Sovereignty Through The Transformative Power of Biohacking

Embark on a radical journey of self-empowerment, where you'll unlock the secrets to limitless vitality and escape the shackles of conventional healthcare. Unleash the boundless potential of your body and mind, defying the limitations imposed by the matrix. Seize control of your health destiny and craft a life of extraordinary well-being, free from the constraints of societal norms.

Click here to learn more about Biohacking 101



Nootropics, often referred to as "smart drugs" or cognitive enhancers, are substances that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation. These can be synthetic or natural substances and are used with the aim of boosting mental performance. Nootropics work through a variety of mechanisms, such as increasing the production of neurotransmitters, improving blood flow to the brain, or enhancing brain energy metabolism.


Qualia for Mental Performance

 Qualia Mind

Qualia is a nootropic designed to enhance mental performance. Ideal for critical thinking, learning, and creativity, it contains caffeine, L-theanine, neuro-vitamins, and adaptogenic herbs. Use code PRIMALMIND for a discount.

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We recognize that humans, like all animals, are inherently designed to walk barefoot. Conventional shoes can be likened to casts, causing our foot muscles to weaken and leading to an unnatural gait. This often results in foot, knee, and hip pain, as our bodies are not meant for such constraints. Barefoot shoes offer a solution to this problem. They cater to the needs of modern life, being suitable for work, sports, and daily activities while maintaining a stylish appearance. Most importantly, they allow your body to move as it naturally should, aligning with its innate structure and function.

Click here to discover the ultimate in foot health and natural movement with our comprehensive guide to barefoot shoes – find the perfect pair for work, play, and everything in between!


VivoBarefoot Shoes


VivoBarefoot shoes offer the ultimate barefoot experience. Their ultra-thin, flexible soles let your feet move naturally, strengthening muscles and improving posture. From everyday sneakers to performance running shoes, Vivobarefoot caters to a range of activities. Embrace the joy of barefoot movement and unleash your feet's full potential.

Experience the VivoBarefoot difference here.


Xero Shoes

 Xero Shoes

Based in Boulder, CO, Xeroshoes are the epitome of affordable barefoot footwear. Known for their comfort and durability, they are designed for running, workouts, and casual use. With thicker soles suitable for running and options like hiking boots and sandals, they are perfect for summer and transitioning into barefoot living.

Make Xero Shoes your next pair here.



Sleep, nature's power reset button, solves a ton of problems and unlocks amazing benefits! Ditch the brain fog, grumpy moods, and body aches with a good night's rest.

Soltec Health System

Soltec Sleep

The Soltec Sleep System is your escape from sleepless nights. This revolutionary system analyzes your sleep and tailors personalized programs to help you fall asleep faster, wake up refreshed, and feel energized all day. Experience deeper sleep, reduced stress, and improved health - Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to a better you, one restful night at a time. Use this code for $800 off!  TO80024SHS

Learn more about the Soltec Sleep System - for your best sleep ever.



Ditch harsh blue lights at night! Swap your LEDs for warmer incandescents, calming red LEDs, or even candlelight - signaling bedtime to your body, increasing melatonin, and boosting sleep.

Also: Be sure to get your vitamin D-boosting UV lights in winter. Let healthy lights guide you to deeper sleep, vibrant mornings, and a naturally balanced, well-rested you!


GembaRed Light Therapy 

GembaRed Reading Light

Affordable red light therapy, ideal for counteracting excessive tech and artificial light exposure. Useful as a night light in dining rooms and bedrooms. Use code SLEEP for a discount.

Get your GembaRed light for better sleep and more energy during the day.


Sperti Vitamin D Sunlamp

Ditch the winter blues and boost your sunshine vitamin! The Sperti Sunlamp mimics the sun's UVB rays, safely generating natural Vitamin D in your own home. Say goodbye to low mood, weak bones, and fatigue. Hello stronger immunity, brighter days, and renewed energy – all thanks to 5 minutes of sunshine therapy each day.

Increase Immunity with your Sperti Vitamin D Sunlamp now.



Even if blue is your favorite color, it's best to avoid it at night. In the modern world, most people spend over 90% of their time indoors, where exposure to blue light after sunset is common. Historically, humans only experienced the warm glow of firelight or moonlight at night, both low in blue light. Blue light exposure at night can disrupt natural physiological processes that are meant for daytime, potentially leading to issues like cancer, macular degeneration, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. While the benefits of blocking blue light at night are well known, finding stylish blue light blocking glasses can be difficult. Our store offers a solution with aesthetically pleasing and effective blue blockers that are both time-tested and spouse-approved.


VivaRays Blue Light Blocking Glasses

VivaRays Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Shield your eyes from harmful blue light and reclaim your sleep with VivaRays! These stylish glasses filter digital glare, reducing eye strain, headaches, and insomnia. Boost your focus, improve sleep quality, and wake up feeling refreshed - all thanks to VivaRays. See clearly, sleep soundly, and live brighter with VivaRays Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Get your VivaRays for better sleep here.



Feel stressed, sleep-deprived, or achy? Touch the Earth! Grounding, simply walking barefoot or using mats, can zap away inflammation, improve sleep, and boost mood naturally. Reconnect with nature, reduce stress, and find balance - all through the Earth's power beneath your feet. Ground yourself, reenergize, and thrive.


Earth and Moon Grounding Pads

Earth and Moon Grounding Mat

Stressed, sleepless, achy? Ditch the pills and reconnect with Mother Earth's healing energy!  Our Earth and Moon Grounding Pads let you soak up the Earth's natural charge anytime, anywhere. Simply lie down, connect, and melt away stress, drift off to dreamland, relieve pain, and boost your mood and energy, all thanks to the Earth's natural power beneath your feet.

Order your Earth and Moon Grounding Pad today and experience the difference!

Grounding Heal Straps

Experience the health benefits of grounding with these innovative grounding straps. Ideal for colder months when direct earth contact is challenging, these straps can be easily attached to any footwear. Slip them onto your shoes or boots and tuck the strap into your sock to maintain a continuous connection with the Earth's natural energy. This simple yet effective solution allows you to harness the inflammation-reducing benefits of grounding, no matter the season.

Click here to ground your feet now!



Shield from the potential risks associated with electromagnetic fields (EMF), which are ubiquitous in modern environments due to the prevalence of electronic devices and wireless technology. Solutions designed to mitigate the exposure to EMF, thereby protecting your health and well-being. From Faraday cage cellphone pouches that reduce phone radiation to specialized earbuds and router accessories, these products are essential for those looking to minimize their EMF exposure in a technology-driven world. The goal is to provide effective tools for a safer, more balanced interaction with today's digital landscape.


HARApad EMF Protection

Make HARApad your new EMF hero - with their sleek shield that deflects up to 99% of harmful laptop radiation, zapping headaches, fatigue, and sleep disruptions.  Picture invisible lasers bouncing off a cool, comfy shield protecting your lap, legs, and core.  Work, browse, game worry-free. HARApad's lightweight design goes wherever you do. 

Choose HARApad, reconnect with the real world, unplugged.


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