Are BlueBlockers Necessary?

Are BlueBlockers Necessary?

I've been wearing blueblockers for over 5 years. 

Many people question whether they're really doing anything. 

Every one of those people has never worn a pair of blueblockers! 


Try a pair on for 2 weeks. 

The stop wearing them. 

Tell me how you feel. 

There's a reason I gave THIS TEDx talk on blue blockers years ago. 

These glasses, worn after sunset, definitely have a noticeable effect on my sleep. I've tried a lot of things to sleep better. 

I used to toss and turn, my mind racing, and finally, look at the clock at 2am and scream!  I couldn't fall asleep most nights. 

I tried supplements, like 5-HTP, and then found ways to make it more effective, like dissolving it in water and collagen, and then taking it. It was effective. But I didn't want to supplement my way out without solving the actual problem. 

I found I was doing two things wrong. 

1. I was ignoring the inner emotional work I needed to do and this was popping up into my mind every night. Unfinished business, anger, fear, unforgiven parents and friends. I spent two years talking with coaches in the then-named Bulletproof Coach training program, and finally DID the emotional work. 

2. I started blocking blue light at night with these glasses. This made a huge and immediate difference for me. 

I never leave home without my glasses and haven't missed even 1 night in 5 years without them (unless I'm camping off-grid without artificial light. 

Open your mind. 

Try something new. 

If it doesn't work for you, stop doing it.

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