The word "Eternus," conjures ideas such as immortality, the fountain of youth. But what does it mean today?


Imagine back to a time period when you were younger. Did you have more energy? Were you able to bounce back more quickly from jet lag, exercise, lack of sleep, a late night, or an injury? Was it easier to build muscle and stay in shape? Were you more resilient, able to better adapt to stress, such as work pressure, changes in temperature, or disruptions to your schedule? Was your sleep better? Did you feel like you had more in reserve to pull from when you needed it? If so, you are not alone.

By our late 20’s we already need longer recovery times from a night of partying or a hard workout.

By our 30’s, we often notice a decrease in mental and physical energy, with fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear.

By our 40’s and 50’s, muscle definition has often seriously decreased, brain fog has increased, and days, where we are filled with energy and vitality, become rarer and rarer.  

Aging begins on the cellular level. And until you do something to address aging at the level of your cells, you are not meaningfully fighting the aging process.

This is what Neurohacker Collective aims to do with their newest supplement, Eternus

Everyone knows how much we like the nootropic stacks from Neurohacker Collective. We've been using Qualia in some form 3 years now to help us focus, improve our memory and even to hit new PR's in the gym. When it comes to nootropics and cognitive function, they are on top of the game, but what do they know about anti-aging? 

Neurohacker collective has now released their first supplement tailored more towards anti-aging.

Here is what they are saying about it.

"Eternus was designed to give cells and mitochondria the nutrition they need to work better .. when they perform at their best, we look, feel and perform at our best."

Eternus Is Designed To:

     ✓Boost energy levels

     ✓Promote healthy aging

     ✓Enhance productivity

     ✓Support muscle performance

Eternus Supports Long-term Cell and Mitochondrial Health:

     ✓Elevates ATP
     ✓Boosts NAD+
     ✓Activates AMPK
     ✓Upregulates sirtuins
     ✓Support insulin & thyroid signaling ✓Promotes a fit mitochondrial network


 We're going to try this out and let you know what we think.

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