Is 5G Harmful?

Is 5G Harmful?

There’s an interesting phenomenon going on right now with people saying 5G and cellphone radiation, wifi, and Bluetooth can’t possibly harm anyone because they are non-ionizing radiation and apparently only ionizing radiation like Xrays can have a biological effect.

This is so untrue I don’t even know where to start.

First of all in experiments in frogs it was found that electricity can dedifferentiate frog cells. Billionths of amperes of electrical current were able to change a frog red blood cell into a cell that could become any cell. 5G and other EMF in our environment can create an electrical current on or in the body. This current obviously can have an impact on us. This shows that living cells can be dramatically influenced by small amounts of EMF. This means small amounts of energy can heal (energy medicine) or harm (microwave radiation).

Of course, the US military has been studying this for years. They have many papers on the biological effects of wireless radiation. In fact, the Navy likely used some of these concepts for the Manhattan project where they messed with time and space to create invisible ships using tech that became the stealth bomber. In order to be invisible to radar they used wireless signals to put a bubble around the ship and shield it, however, this likely had massive effects on the humans inside the ships.

Next, we have the 5,500 peer-reviewed published studies at Bioinitiative showing effects of wireless energy.

Finally, our own US government spent 14 years and $25,000,000 trying to prove cellphones were safe and the conclusions were that they cause cancer.

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