LED Flicker and Kindergarten

LED Flicker and Kindergarten

At some point, I started getting emails sent to my inbox by a site called Academia. I didn't sign up for this service, but I couldn't delete and unsubscribe. 

I found the articles very compelling and very related to what I study. So I visited and downloaded many of the articles. 

I find it strange how emails just show up sometimes. I assume companies are selling my contact info, but academia is the first one that's very relevant. 

One article I found yesterday is all about LED and fluorescent light flicker. 

Here's a link to the article. One thing that I found really compelling is that the IEEE, which usually avoids health subjects and does things like saying cellphone radiation is safe at levels higher than acceptable. For the IEEE to admit and ask light manufacturers to reduce flicker for health is a big deal. 

Did you know that LEDs and Fluorescent lights flicker, oftentimes imperceptible to the eye, but picked up by the brain? 

In many individuals, this flicker can cause migraines and other psychological symptoms. 

If you know someone that has these at work, get them out from under the lights and over to the natural light by a window or outdoors. If they have to stay working under the lights, turn them off and purchase an incandescent light, a sauna light, or a low to nonflickering LED light

Why people put up with working under man-made alien light that harms them I'll never understand. We're no in kindergarten anymore. Take some initiative and modify the lighting in your work environment. You are there more than you are at home (minus sleeping) so stand up for yourself and make it healthy!

I understand kindergarten and the whole industrial school system is designed to teach you to obey authority and wait for someone to tell you what to do. If you still need that authority, then use me as the authority figure and go modify your work set up to maintain your health! 

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