PrimalHack Your Feet, Correct Toes Installment #1

PrimalHack Your Feet, Correct Toes Installment #1


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See how my pinky toes curl under and my big toes are squashed? OK, not totally ugly, but they've been ruined from shoes that aren't designed to fit feet, but instead designed for aesthetics. 

I’ve been wearing shoes my whole life. Most shoe makers don’t think about proper foot mechanics. They think about fashion.


Displaying highheelshoe-1.jpgThey use flawed science to engineer soles, when really our shoes need soul


Displaying athletic shoe raised toe.jpgAs a PrimalHacker, I’m well aware that going barefoot is best

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Going barefoot is supposed to help our feet become more natural again

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But many of us can’t always go barefoot

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Most of the month, I work from home and can go barefoot. I've been doing this for the last 8 years...


Displaying barefoot office1.PNGAnd still, my feet have not unfurled

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I bought some barefoot shoes 2 years ago and started wearing them whenever I left home, so I wasn't wearing shoes that compromised my feet when I went out or traveled for work

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Displaying IMG_8705-1024x768.jpgAnd still, my feet stay in a compromised position


Then I heard from Dr. Ray McClanahan, the Barefoot Podiatrist, on the ReWild Yourself podcast with Daniel Vitalis

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Dr. Ray invented a product called Correct Toes

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Correct Toes help ReWild our feet after decades of poor footwear choices

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I procured a pair of Correct Toes

I’ll be following up with you all to let you know how they work out

In the meantime, if you want to try them for yourself, just go here

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