The Most Unique Over the Counter Performance Enhancing Substance - Canna Blue Review

The Most Unique Over the Counter Performance Enhancing Substance - Canna Blue Review

We test out a lot of brain-enhancing substances. None has been more unique than Troscriptions Blue Cannatine. 

Unique because the formulation team includes "The Smartest Medical Doctor in the World" Ted Achacoso and because the formula, Blue Cannatine, contains sought after pharmaceutical-grade Methylene Blue among other top nootropic compounds. 

Oh, and it turns your tongue blue too!

 Blue cannatine turns your tongue blue

Don't worry, that's an extreme version.  Most people will put this under their tongue and it will not be nearly as blue as mine.

Read on for our review of Blue Cannatine.

What Are Nootropics?

 Nootropics enhance cognitive function, increase oxygen flow to the brain, may even reduce brain aging. There are natural and synthetic nootropics and also compounds called smart drugs. 

Nootropics differ from smart drugs in that nootropics have cognitive-enhancing capability with little to no side effects. Smart drugs tend to be prescription products and can have massive side effects. 

 What is Troscriptions?

Troscriptions is the nootropic company started by Dr Ted Achacoso.

Dr Ted is the founder of a practice called health optimization medicine that focuses on personalized medicine based on genetics, lifestyle, and more. He has a lifelong interest in nootropic and used to be monitored by the US defense department due to his extremely high IQ. 

What’s a Troche?

 Troche is a delivery system, sort of like a mint, that you stick in your cheek between your cheek and teeth and let it dissolve. The ingredients are then delivered directly into the bloodstream through the cheek. 

What’s in Troscriptions Cannatine Blue Nootropic?

 Methylene Blue 5mg

Caffeine 50mg

CBD 5mg

Nicotine 1mg

Wait, what? Nicotine? Why does this product have nicotine?  Nicotine is a world-class nootropic that’s been used for centuries or longer. The problem is that nicotine is wrapped up into the cigarette debacle. Cigarette manufacturers added addictive substances and other toxins into the consumer product made to addict us to their weekly purchase cycle. But separate nicotine from all that and you have a really great brain booster that’s also anti-aging!  

I still think some people may have issues with nicotine, and so make up your own mind about this one.

The combination of methylene blue, caffeine, and nicotine makes for a short-acting, about 3 hours, nootropic effect. You can get your focus on and know the effect will be over if you need to relax afterward. 

The CBD reduces the jitteriness of the nicotine. 


Mental Clarity and performance

Verbal Fluidity and 


for a solid 2-3 hours.

How Do You Take a Blue Cannatine?

Blue Cannatine comes as a dark blue square. 

You want to cut it into fourths on the lines scored into the product itself. 

Start out with one-quarter of the troche under your tongue or in your cheek. 

Each day, or each time you use it, you can titrate the dose up to one half, then three quarters, then a full dose and see how you feel. 

blue cannatine dosage size

Our Experience

We've been trying this product out since 2019 at Paleo Fx when our friend Todd gave us some. 

I took a troche right before I did a podcast on the PaleoFx podcast stage. Honestly, it was a little too much. I took a full troche and should have started with half a dose. I immediately felt the nicotine effects. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and wasn't sure how I'd react to nicotine. 

I definitely felt the effects, something you won't get from all nootropics. And when I dialed it down to one half to three-quarters of a dose, it was quite pleasant. So play around with how much you take. 

Tomorrow uses this before focus sessions when she has to write or get a bunch of deskwork done. Or just to scare little kids with her blue tongue. 

Woman with blue tongue from blue cannatine

Blue Cannatine Discount

 Use Discount Code PRIMALBLUE for a discount on Blue Cannatine

Here's a Video about how to Open the Box

It's actually not intuitive to open this box. Watch this video and we'll show you how to do it and give you a little more info about the product. 

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