What is Grounding?

What is Grounding?

A long long time ago humans walked along the earth barefoot.

We actually touched bare ground with our feet.

There was no asphalt (aka plastic) surface on the earth.

We stood on the ground connected to the Earth, the magnetic field, the schumann resonance, and looked up to the sun.

This combination gave us POWER!

Solar power isn’t just for solar panels and plants.

I believe humans can use it too!

But we need to be willing to take off our shoes.

Have you ever heard parents yell at their kids? “You can’t go outside barefoot!”


Why not?

Haven’t we learned that our gut microbiome is fed by soil bacteria? Among other things it can help us have less allergies and improved immune system.

Ok, so once upon a time we stood on this Earth with bare feet, shirtless and bathed in the sun and invisible energy fields of the Earth.

This was just how things were. The Earth and Sky kept us healthy.

Today We Stand Insulated and Protected from The Earth

Before going outside, we grab some shoes, complete with insulated plastic soles.

We add a hat, sunscreen, pants, a shirt.

When we step outside, it’s usually onto a wooden deck and then into the asphalt driveway.

We enter into a vehicle with rubber tires, and eventually into the gym, store, workplace that’s completely cut off from the sun and Earth in every way.

All these things are insulators. They do not allow electrons to flow through them (that would be conductive if they did).

So What?

Free Electrons

The Earth offers free electrons. FREE!

We all know the Earth has a negative charge, or is “grounded”. If you want to “ground” something, you direct it into the Earth.

That’s because energy wants to flow to a ground.

The Earth is full of negative charge, aka electrons.

This happens when lightening hits the earth, which happens thousands of times a second.

What most people are unaware of is that these electrons are used to create energy in humans.

You see, we eat food and turn food into electrons to make energy.

This happens in our mitochondria in a process called electron chain transport and makes something called ATP, the energy our body uses.

Well, if all that food we eat just becomes electrons, why can’t we just eat the electrons?

Well, we can, kind of.

We can get free electrons from the Earth which is full of them.

But we have to be willing to stand barefoot on the earth.

When we do this, it’s a practice called Earthing or Grounding. This used to just be natural and now we have to make it a practice.

The bottoms of our feet and hands have sweat ducts. When we sweat, water appears on the surface of our skin. Most people don’t realize we sweat all day long, just little bits of water that are unnoticeable, but are there. A surface that’s wet conducts electricity, allows electrons to flow more easily. So maybe we have sweat glands on our feet and hands to allow us to absorb more electrons from the Earth… I think that’s a good possibility.

When you absorb these free electrons, they help reduce inflammation in the body, a dump of positive charge to the Earth and allow electrons to flow into the body. I think our body makes use of this free source of electron energy.

Combine this with sunlight, the earths magnetic field, healthy bacteria, and the Schuman resonance and we’re getting all sorts of good jiu jiu from our planet.

Humans are meant to be connected to the Earth. We're so removed with our insulated shoe soles, car tires, homes and asphalt.

Grounding helps us gather electrons, dump inflaming positive charge and reconnected.

In the winter that’s pretty hard to do, so we recommend grounding straps that go over your boot and tuck into your sock. They take 4 seconds to put on in the morning over your shoe or boot.

You don't have to wear them all day. Even a few minutes in the morning or evening can make a big difference. 


Let’s get back to this practice. Let your kids outside barefoot.

Remove the insulated layers you wear and touch the ground, raise you head to the sky, and breathe in pure cosmic energy.

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