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Mental Performance boost

Once in a blue moon creativity isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes you need mental performance NOW. Creativity, motivation, deep learning. We have found Qualia to give us a mental boost before a presentation, help us learn new information quickly, and to easily remember information during critical times.  Qualia is a nootropic, which means it boosts brain function. Coffee does this too, and so does tea.  Both contain nootropics. Caffeine in the case of coffee and L-theanine in the case of green tea. Qualia contains both of these and a host of other brain boosting ingredients, neuro-vitamins and minerals, and adaptogenic herbs. Best brain boost designed so all the component work better together than apart. Qualia MIND and Qualia FOCUS are available with a discount using code PRIMALMIND.


Even if you like blue, stop seeing it at night. As a Modern human you now spend over 90% of your time indoors. Well, when the sun sets, you cannot see blue light. It never would have happened in all of human history. Firelight and moonlight are all you could see at night except darkness. They have little to no blue light. Your body is designed in a way that when you see blue all sorts of physiological things happen that are supposed to happen during the day. When these happen to you at night, bad things occur.  Light at night is associated with cancer, and certainly can cause macular degeneration and is associated with obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  The benefits of blocking blue light, especially at night are well known, but finding a pair of blue blockers that make you look amazing is a challenge. Until now. Time tested, spouse approved. Grab a pair from our store 

Archer Amber Lenses for night

Archer Red Lenses to block all blue and green

Ultraviolet Daytime Blueblockers

When you wear blue light blocking glasses every single night, we know you’ll see a profound effect on your sleep. 

Clip On – If you wear prescription, you can have your lenses tinted or get a pair of daytime or nighttime clip-ons.

Try These if you are New and just want to see if this bluelight blocking thing works:

Cheapest Blueblockers on the market - $1 a pair. You have to buy 12 at once, but they come out to about only $1 a piece. They aren’t glasses you’ll wear out to a party, but if you want cheap glasses for wearing at home and to hand out to all the family, then these are it.


Humans, like all other animals are meant to walk barefoot. Put shoes on a dog and it’ll probably get knee problems, assuming you could keep shoes on the dog. When you put your own feet into shoes it’s like wearing a cast. Your foot muscles shrivel up and you take on an unnatural gait. This probably leads to foot, knee, and hip pain because the body was not designed to wear these casts. Barefoot shoes solve a real problem. You wearing shoes at work is good for you if you want a job long term and don’t work as a wilderness guide. Barefoot shoes are made for work, sports, and everyday life and look amazing all while allowing your body to take its natural shape.


VIVOBAREFOOT – Sustainable, beautiful, minimal. We have about 6 pairs of these shoes. We love the hiking boots and winter boots. Casual shoes from Vivo are perfect for any activity. We wear these almost exclusively whether we’re heading into the corporate office for the day, working out, performing tai chi or heading out on the town. Coupon Code:      PRIMALVB for 10% off!    

Xeroshoes– The most affordable barefoot shoes period. Based in Boulder, CO these shoes are comfortable and long lasting. Designed for running, workouts, and casual use. The soles of these shoes are thicker so can be used for running while other barefoot shoes may have soles too thin to use comfortably for running. They also make great hiking boots and sandals that we use all the time. These are the only sandals we wear in the summer. Super comfortable shoes made for barefoot living with enough cushion they are perfect for those just transitioning.

Primetrotter – Beautifully designed dress shoes. Literally the best looking bespoke, hand made leather, one of a kind dress shoes. Don’t let the photos on the main page throw you. Every shoe is designed with the leather you want, the stitching you want and more. Mention code Primalhacker for 5% off (you may have to email or put this into the order form as they don’t offer discounts, except to those using this code, but don’t worry, they’ll honor it)



Artificial, alien light from LEDs and CFLs is the worst lighting you could use in your home.

Start with going back to incandescent. Even though they use more energy than LEDs, they are much superior from a health standpoint. Incandescent aren’t perfect, as they still have too much blue, but far less than typical LEDs and all CFLs.  


Red LED Options - Even Incandescent can sometimes be too much, dropping our melatonin by 40%!

But red light at night, or candlelight, tells our body that it's night and allows us to function optimally. 

This red light, off Amazon works great in a typical light fixture and includes a healing wavelength of red light that people use for healing. 

I have one in my bathroom. 

In our kitchen we have track lights, and they use this special bulb that you can find in red.

Here's a low to no flicker red LED to replace standard bulbs

Candles – always a good option is to stick with tried and true – FIRE. Try these candles at night for the best way to light up the night.


Gembared is hands down the most affordable red light therapy on the market. Red light therapy is helpful to overcome too much tech and artificial lights during the day. We use ours for a light at night in our dining room and bedroom. Code SLEEP gets you a huge discount. 

Platinum LED Therapy – The best of the big guns of light therapy. Light therapy made faster. These lights only need to be used for about 8 minutes for peak benefit. You get a discount using code SLEEP.


The absolute best light after sunset is no light! And sometimes, when everyone is in bed, I turn out all the lights. Then I have to run to another room to get something ready for the next day. Thank goodness I have this red reading light to light my way. It won't stop my melatonin production or harm my health after dark. They’re coming soon. 

Flashlight – Hunting, camping, travel, or just running to your bathroom at night won’t ruin your melatonin with these red flashlights.


Wine doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Our friends at Dry Farm Wines use grapes grown without irrigation from biodynamic and organic vineyards. People call this the hangover free wine. You can drink it on keto and stay in ketosis. You can drink red wine without the hangover. Sugar content is always less than 1g per liter. The ONLY health focused wine club in the world with world class wines that taste amazing. All natural and additive free, lab tested for purity, and sugar free with low alcohol. Mycotoxin and mold free, paleo friendly, keto-friendly, only wild native yeasts used, small production vineyards. You can get a bottle for a penny here, and cancel any time.


We've all heard the benefits of sauna. Longer life, increased VO2max, increased growth hormone and more. Suana is well studied for many health and healing benefits. Many home saunas on the market have high EMF from all the electronics and heaters in the units. Saunaspace is the only sauna designed specifically to eliminated EMF from the sauna and even makes a version that blocks EMF coming into the sauna from outside! Of course, it also still functions like a sauna, and uses red lights to heat, so you get the added benefit if extra red light to heal. It's made right here in the USA and is easy to put up by yourself and can be moved and even taken from one place to another. For a big discount, order a sauna right here  (Message us for 10% off!)


In case you haven't figured it out we're HUGE believers in natural sunlight and it's ability to heal. So when we found a company that makes clothing to let you be naked without being naked, we had to pick up some shorts and t shirts. Cool Tan and Kiniki make men's and women's tan through swimsuits and shirts. You can wear clothes and still get sun in places it doesn't usually shine. Our bodies really do need sunlight …everywhere!



Grounding has been shown to reduce inflammation. Grounding in the summer is easy, just stand barefoot on the earth. In the winter it’s too cold and we usually avoid standing barefoot. Instead, try these grounding straps. You just slip them onto any shoe or boot and tuck the strap into your sock. Now you can ground while wearing shoes.


Our Favorite Products

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Hire Brian Hoyer for an EMF assessment (discount code SLEEP)

Shielded bed canopy fabric (Discount code PRIMALSLEEP) – email Brian at the link and ask for the fabric.

Shielding Paint 

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