Welcome to the Free EMF Course

Welcome to the Free EMF Course

Welcome to the most important course you’ll ever take!

I was reluctant to launch this course because I didn't think anyone would watch it.

EMFs are such an important issue of our time that I just couldn't sit on this.

I thought about charging for this course, but then I figured this information was so critical that everyone had to have access to it.

Maybe someday I will charge for it.
A lot of work went into filming, studying, editing, and creating this content. 
They say that if someone pays for something, they appreciate it more and free things go unused. 

DO NOT let this sit in your inbox unused. This information is multiple thousands of hours of research, interviews, and video helping you understand probably the biggest issue of our decade.. EMF and how it impacts our biology. 

We’re so glad you’ve joined us on this journey through space and time to learn about EMF and the dangers of microwave radiation all around us.

1. If you want to buy any of the materials we recommend in the course before we get started, click HERE. You are never obligated to buy anything, but we're pretty sure you'll want tools to minimize the radiation you're constantly exposed to. 

We’re here to dispel the myths and break industry lies about the safety of cell phones, wifi, Bluetooth, and cell towers.

Here’s what a few people who’ve been through this training have said:
“Oh my gosh, I wish I knew this 10 years ago!!”

“I’ll never put my phone to my head again!!”

“EMF is the Asbestos, tobacco, and lead of the modern age. Do not miss this training”

“Having my Wifi on all night is a bad idea? I never knew that.”

“Great breakdown of actionable steps that I can actually use in my life to reduce my exposure”

“I feel so much better knowing how to protect my kids now”
Have you ever put your phone to your head to answer a call?

Did you know that your cell phone safety manual, which no one reads, tells you that putting your phone to your head is unsafe?

What about using your finger to scroll through Facebook while holding onto the phone? I’m sure you’ve done that once or twice. Or maybe a thousand times!

The safety manual that comes with your phone says that’s not allowed.
If you want to be safe, that is.

Click right now to watch Your first Course Introduction Video.


These videos are not available to the public. 

Seriously, WATCH the video. The Videos ARE the course.  You won't get a lot of what's in there from the emails or most books. 


Man-Made EMF Exposure is THE Biggest Problem of Our Generation 


Chronic exposure to EMF radiation is the most overlooked health crisis of our entire generation.
We’re literally cooking slowly all day long in microwave radiation pumped out from cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

YES, the exact same radiation that microwave ovens emit is coursing through you right now as you read this email on your wireless phone or laptop.

Why aren’t you being dehydrated and heated up like a piece of stead in a microwave oven?
You are!!

The power behind wireless radiation is less intense than a microwave, but it’s exactly the same radiation. You’re just cooking more slowly. And instead of cooking for 30 seconds, you get to be irradiated all day long, and all night on top of that.

Wireless radiation has been proven harmful to humans and animals, since the 1800s. Literally, over 5,000 studies have been completed and cataloged showing biological effects of wireless radiation, yet we’re still told that there’s no conclusive evidence that wireless radiation and cell phones cause harm.

This course will dispel the myth that wireless technology is safe and let you in on the real information that’s already known.

You’ll learn what EMFs are, what they can do to our bodies, and the brains and bodies of our kids, what 5G is all about, and how to protect yourself.

Meet your professors – Thaddeus Owen and Heidi Sime 

Let’s get you up to speed on EMFs and how you’re going to protect yourself and thrive while others around you make more trips to the doctor.

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey.
Not only will you learn about EMF, 5G, and how to protect yourself, but we’ll entertain you along the way as we figure out how best to present the information in a fun and interesting way.
Every day for 20 or so days, you’ll get an email in your inbox.

Each email will have a little information about EMFs and a link to a short video teaching you exactly what’s most important.

In addition, there will be some completely optional homework with links to important articles and things you can do at home to protect yourself or learn more about EMF.

You will also see suggested products from time to time. We usually make money if you buy any of the products either through an affiliate link or directly from our store. This helps us keep this important information free and allows us to continue our own study.

P.S. Tomorrow we’ll tell you a little more about who we are and some secrets about EMF.

How many microwave devices do you have in your home?
Wi-Fi router
Bluetooth anything
Smart TVs
Wi-Fi enabled DVD player
Alarm clock
Cell phones
Tablets and iPads

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