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Gembared Calm Mini Reading Light

Gembared Calm Mini Reading Light

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Red lights just might save your eyes and melatonin. Studies have shown that exposure to lights from devices like phones and screens as well as overhead lighting can reduce the body's melatonin production.

Devices and screens have tons of blue light that is read by receptors in eyes. 

Red light is not picked up by these receptors and using red light at night can help you perform better and may lead to better sleep.

The GembaRed Calm MINI is an even more compact and portable version of our famous red reading light!

With the Calm MINI Red LED book light, you get circadian-friendly reading light in a smaller and more portable form.


- Calming red/orange 630nm LED lights.

- Built-in battery powered light and easy recharge with USB connector.

- No Flicker or EMF by using a stable DC battery!

- Silicone goose-neck for easy adjustments.

- Three Brightness Settings!

- Easy and Conveniently sized clamp!

- Adequate base to stand itself easily on a desk or bedside table.

The GembaRed Calm Mini offers gentle diffused red light with the high-contrast of 630nm Red light. Deeper wavelengths would be too dim or difficult to see, which is why we thoughtfully use 630nm instead of 660nm LEDs for our book lights!


Most other "Amber" or "Low-Blue" reading lights will still have a trace of blue and a bunch of green in them! Now you can enjoy reading at night with minimal circadian disruption!


Wattage: 2W LED


LEDs : 4



Specified Wavelength: Red 630nm



- Height ~ 11 inches


- Base Dimensions ~ 1.5 x 3 inches


- Weight ~ 0.275 lbs


Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty



- Capacity - 1200mA


- Usage Time: TBD hours


- Recharge Time: 2.5 hours


- Recharge via USB cable - 5V, 1 Amp recommended


- Estimated Life: 30,000 hours


* Charge the battery to full upon receipt. Do not "top off" the battery and only recharge as needed to help promote a long battery life. *


Whats included?

- GembaRed Calm MINI Red LED Book Light


- USB connector

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