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Gembared Red Orb Corncob Screw in Lightbulb

Gembared Red Orb Corncob Screw in Lightbulb

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The GembaRed RedOrb screw-in Red 660nm Light Bulb is a high powered ambient light (not for red light therapy) that can be used in any E26 base standard lamp!

With the RedOrb LED light bulb, you get a circadian-friendly light that is great to wind down in the evenings.

- True deep red 660nm LED screw-in lights.

- Low-profile high-powered 7 Watt Corn-Cob lamp design.

- Ultra low flicker LED lighting!

- Great for calming bedtime lighting and reading at night.

- Universal screw-in design (USA-only)

- 3rd party measured spectrum, lumens, and flicker!

- Supports healthy sleep and circadian rhythms at night.

The GembaRed RedOrb bulb offers the ultimate deep-red light for ambient lighting. While deep-red 660nm is naturally very dim, we use the innovative high-powered corn-cob style to deliver sufficient power in a convenient size format.

We wanted an alternative to the "blue blocking" red light bulbs that we were concerned could leak some blue light! We use a true 660nm red diode technology so it is impossible for this lamp to produce blue light and our 3rd party lab test confirmed it.

As well our 3rd party lab professionally measured the flicker, as opposed to some brands that only claim to be "no flicker" with an inadequate slow-motion video check.

The GembaRed RedOrb is an extremely pleasant red light that when used as part of a healthy lifestyle of reducing blue light exposure at night can support healthy sleep and melatonin production.


Consumed Wattage: 7.3W LED

LEDs : 80


Red 660nm


86.2 Lumens

Type: T9 type replacement bulb


- Height ~ 4 inches

- Diameter ~ 1 inch diameter

- Weight ~ 0.275 lbs

Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty

Estimated Life: 30,000 hours

Region: USA only (110-125V, 60Hz)

Screw: E26 Medium Base

Restrictions: Not for use in totally enclosed fixtures or in moist or humid environments. 


Compliance: FCC

Made In China

Flicker Measurements (3rd party measured):

Flicker Percentage: 0.4 % (ultra-low)

Flicker Index: 0.001

Flicker Frequency: 120 Hz

Whats included?

- GembaRed RedOrb Screw-In Corn Cob Light Bulb

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