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Harapad Edge

Harapad Edge

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Do you EVER keep your laptop on your lap?


Laptops give off microwave radiation.


When you keep it right on your lap, that radiation goes into your stomach and reproductive organs.

The HARApad Edge is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind laptop radiation shield and EMF protection device.  It is the FIRST and ONLY product on the market to protect you from electromagnetic fields in multiple directions!

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is emitted from all electronic devices in a three-dimensional field, so the best way to protect from that is with a three-dimensional product.  Just like a lead vest contours to your body when you get an X-ray, this product contours around your laptop for increased EMF protection.

The HARApad Edge has a vertical wall where the front of the laptop rests, that protects you from the laptop radiation leaving the front of your computer towards your stomach, abdomen, lungs, heart, etc.  This vertical wall has the same EMF shielding materials inside that the bottom does, which provides more EMF protection than any flat shield is able to provide.  The EMF shielding materials inside our products are perfectly safe, military-grade alloys that we process even further for optimal performance.

This vertical wall also helps hold your laptop in place and prevents it from sliding off the HARApad.  This allows you to use it on the couch, in bed, while traveling, etc. all with extra comfort and protection.  The textured acrylic surface also acts as a non-slip surface to help prevent the laptop from sliding to either side.

Important Note:  If you have an extremely thin laptop (like a MacBook) you might find that you’ll need extra foam shims to elevate your laptop closer to your hands.  We ship 2 of them for free with each product, but if you have a thin laptop you might want to order an extras.  They are available as a separate product in our Store.

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