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Acupressure Mat Relax Feet and Body

Acupressure Mat Relax Feet and Body

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Place this on the ground while standing or sitting. 

Place feet on the mat to stimulate acupressure points. 

Gamer65 used this mat to get more blood flow into his feet and to relax while playing an overly stimulating game. 

Before bed, he would used to stress and his mind would race. He had trouble going to sleep after a long day in front of screens. 

Now, he lays down without a shirt on the acupressure mat on his bed.  10 minutes before bed he sets his back onto the mats thousands of pressure points. 

After a few minutes, his muscles relax and he feels an overwhelming sense of relaxation. 

He falls asleep quickly. 

CAN TAKE UP TO 4 weeks to arrive!!


Material: Cotton + PVC + Sponge

Update Cushion size:125 * 41 * 2cm

Cushion size: 65 * 41 * 2cm

Pillow size: 37 * 14 * 11cm

Color: black blue purple


-Help to stimulate acupuncture points and effectively relieve muscle tension.

-The perfect tool that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Shiatsu massage at home, and brings you a feeling of deep relaxation.

-Just put it on the bed or on the floor. Easy to use.

-Lightweight and portable, easy to carry and store.


how to use?

First, place the mat on the ground with the nails facing up.

Secondly, lying on the mat, the mat allows you to target curved areas, such as the neck, waist, and even feet. Once a day or continuously for 10 minutes to 30 minutes is better.

Reminder: For beginners, it is best to take some time to start learning and/or wear a shirt or put a thin cloth between the spikes and the skin.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery

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