What is an EMF?

What is an EMF?


Have you ever seen infrared light?
Touched an X-ray?
Can you feel the earth’s magnetic field?

EMFs are All Around Us 

EMFs are natural and beneficial. Our bodies are designed to use nature’s EMFs as information and energy sources and more.
EMF Just stands for Electro-Magnetic Field.
And Nature is full of them.
The sun emits EMFs, so does our earth, lightening, our own bodies even emit low frequency EMF.

But starting in the 1800s, we began making our own EMFs 
We call these Non-Native EMF.

EMF that comes from our man-made devices like microwaves, cell towers, and even the electricity and artificial lights in our home emit EMFs that definitely impact our biology.

Watch this Video to learn more about EMFs

Watch THIS VIDEO to actually SEE the EMFs around your own home, we show you on our EMF meters how electricity, magnetic, and microwave radiation, and even invisible light can be measured right in your home.
P.S. Want to know why your cell phone isn’t safe? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report on why the cell phone safety standards don’t even test the safety of cell phones!

Read THIS article on EMF for a good education on what EMFs are if you want even more information

The first thing you can do to protect yourself is to turn off your wifi at night. It's so important this source of EMF is usually the closest to your body, other than your phone. 

If you aren't yet turning off your wifi at night, you should be.  

Or you could use this remote control   You just plug your router into the remote outlet, and when you go to bed, turn off the wifi from your bed with the remote and turn it back on when you wake up. Easy. 

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